An Introduction to Psychometric Assessments


What is a psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessments offer a fair and objective way of measuring a range of attributes such as aptitude, critical reasoning and behavioural style.

For a test to be ‘psychometric’, it must be standardised, reliable and valid. It must be consistent in its content, administration and scoring. This ensures the test is accurate and measures what it is supposed to, whilst omitting the influence of subjective biases. Read our What is a Psychometric Test? blog post for a more detailed description.

An introduction to psychometric assessments - Assessments

Psychometric assessments in recruitment

Psychometric assessments are often used within recruitment and development processes with the aim of helping employers identify the most suitable candidates for job applications or promotions, based on the extent to which their personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role.

Today, most assessments are completed online, though some paper formats are still used as part of assessment and development centres. Most are timed, with the exception of some psychometric personality tests which can be completed across multiple sittings.

Psychometric assessments may be used at different stages of the recruitment process:

  • At the early stages of selection to screen-out candidates who are likely to be unsuitable for the job
  • Prior to an interview as a tool for facilitating interesting discussions around a candidate’s profile
  • At a later stage, possibly with a second interview or as part of an assessment centre. You may wish to re-assess candidates at this point to confirm the results of earlier tests

why use psychometric assessments

Why assess your candidates?

More companies are using psychometric assessments to aid recruitment, development and promotion decisions. This evolves from their capacity to predict future job performance of candidates and person-organisation fit.

Outside of recruitment, assessments can be used for development by offering insight into training and staff needs, as well as career guidance. Assessments on the Clevry platform promise to deliver a range of benefits:

  • Cost-efficient:
    Psychometric assessments help lower recruiting costs and maximise your efficiency by reducing the risk of a bad hire
  • Retention:
    Improves your employee retention rate through better hiring decisions
  • Objective:
    Psychometric assessments offer a robust process, free from subjective influence and bias
  • Talent management:
    Provides an overall evaluation of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and behavioural style at work with the aim of identifying the best fit for a particular job
  • Predictive:
    Psychometric assessments are the single most effective predictor of job performance available, outperforming all other commonly used selection methods such as interviews, references and bio-data
  • Reputation:
    Creates a professional corporate image
  • Equality and fairness:
    Psychometric assessments are standardised to ensure that all individuals are treated the same
  • Candidate experience:
    Candidates respond positively to their face validity and fairness


View the output from our psychometric assessments by downloading sample reports below.



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