Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Optimise your hiring to boost efficiency, increase retention and reduce your overall cost-per-hire. 

Comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Clevry’s recruitment process outsourcing involves streamlining and improving various aspects of the hiring process to a skills-first approach to increase efficiency, objectivity, and retention. The golden thread is making everything transparent, data-driven, and measurable.  

You can outsource your whole recruitment function or hire one of our skills-first TAMs within the following business areas: Sales, Admin/Office, Tech, Finance, IT service desk, and Life science. Our promise is to significantly reduce your cost-per-hire and consistently drive quality-of-hire. 

Ultimately, recruitment process outsourcing to skills-first isn’t just about saving time and money—it’s about building a stronger, more competitive workforce that drives business growth. 

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Here's how we deliver

Cut recruitment expenses by up to 50% through strategic sourcing and optimised recruitment processes. 

Improve the caliber of new hires with advanced assessments and data-driven candidate selection methods. 

Boost long-term retention rates with a focus on skills and cultural fit, minimising turnover and fostering a motivated workforce. 

What we offer:

1. Job Analysis

Ensuring a deep understanding of job roles and requirements to attract the right candidates. 

2.  Sourcing Strategies

Utilizing a mix of traditional job boards, social media, and innovative channels to reach a diverse talent pool. 

3. Candidate Screening

Implementing efficient, objective screening tools and methods, such as role-based assessments and ability tests. 

4. Interview Process

Competency-based interviews to maintain consistency and fairness throughout candidate evaluations. 

5. Candidate Experience

Enhancing interaction with potential hires to improve employer branding and attract top talent. 

6. Data Analysis and HR Technology

Using data and analytics to track key recruitment metrics and identify areas for improvement (sourcing activities, number of applications, interviews etc) 

7. Training and Development

Providing training to your hiring managers and recruiters to improve their skills in sourcing, interviewing, and selection. 

Choose your approach

Explore our specialized Talent Acquisition Managers (TAMs), all certified in Clevry’s renowned soft skills program, available across diverse business areas including Sales, Admin/Office, Tech, Finance, IT Service Desk, and Life Science.
Choose from our three pathways designed to meet your company’s specific recruitment goals while achieving significant cost reductions and quality enhancements. 

Fine tune existing processes

Optimize Your Current Setup

Continue with your current operations with strategic modifications to recruitment processes, resourcing, and provider selections to enhance quality and reduce costs.

Implement Skills-First Platform 

Adopt a Skills-First Approach 

Incorporate our skills-first platform to drive retention and streamline hiring. Our approach ensures transparency and measurable outcomes, optimizing both cost-to-hire and quality-of-hire.

Let us handle everything


Let Clevry handle your entire recruitment function. We’ll apply our skills-first platform to manage all aspects of hiring, ensuring zero fixed recruitment costs and improved retention.

Tangible results & satisfaction

Our client NPS of 63% comes from our commitment to results and ensuring every step of our process is transparent, efficient, and tailored to meet your specific hiring needs.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Your hiring manager portal

Navigate your recruitment seamlessly with exclusive access to your dedicated hiring manager portal. Each candidate is presented with a comprehensive match score, reflecting their suitability based on hard skills, soft skills, abilities, and interview performance.  

This allows you to efficiently compare candidates, manage various recruitment activities, provide feedback, schedule interviews, and collaborate with team members—all in one place. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Comprehensive insights

Gain a clear and detailed perspective on our recruitment efforts with our Recruitment Status Report.

This tool provides a transparent view of each process and the extensive measures we take to secure your next great hire, including sourcing strategies that typically engage around 60 candidates per high-demand, low-supply role to ensure a successful placement. 

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Your strategic recruitment partner

We aim to be more than just a service provider; we look to be a long-term partner in your growth.

Adapting our services to meet your evolving needs, we focus on building enduring relationships, helping your business forward with each hire.