ATS Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your Applicant Tracking System

Levels of ATS Integration we provide

Some integrations we have set up are API-based, some are bespoke, and some feature full integration of assessments into the third-party platform.

We are happy to integrate with virtually any  ATSs and use an open API.


Low level integration

We provide a web-link, plus suggested copy for an email to be sent from your application system to candidates who have been selected for interview. The web-link takes candidates to the assessment site login page and includes the passcode that candidates need to gain access to the assessments.

The invite to testing email would be selected from a list of drop down options in the application system.


Mid-level integration

The invite to testing email instructs candidates to log back into their application to take the test.

Their application page will now contain a link, which is personalised to their application, which takes them directly to the tests (with no need for logging into the assessment site).

Your application system will therefore know which candidates have logged back in to take the test.


Full integration

Some application systems can pass candidates directly into Clevry platform (as described in the mid-level integration) but the assessment site also passes back to the ATS the following information:

  • Candidate status/progress – have they competed the assessments?

  • Candidate scores/results

Why integrate your ATS with Clevry?

Automation speeds up the recruitment process

Provides a seamless and more engaging candidate experience

Enhances communication amongst the HR and recruitment teams

Reduces workload for recruitment teams

Information security

We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation, which means all our data handling and storage policies, processes, and procedures are benchmarked to the highest industry standards. Our hosting provider also works to ISO 27001 guidelines.

Clevry's assessments platform is hosted within the Microsoft Azure solution, which brings the highest possible levels of security, resilience, and reliability of service.

Data on the Clevry assessments platform is stored securely at a data centre based in the UK; Data restoration is available as soon as new hardware is ready to receive the streamed back-up data. No data is moved outside of the UK (or EU). Hardware is disposed according to WEEEI guidelines.

Clevry complies with UK GDPR and stores all data with UK datacentres. Our GDPR compliance is driven by our internal data security policies and experience with data protection laws since 1992. 

Our data security policies are ISO27001 certified, ensuring high standards for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving our information security management system.

It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks.

Our accreditation is subject to external audit on an annual basis. 

ISO certification can be checked by visiting the QMSUK website here and entering our certification number 291682018.

Our platform is hosted with Microsoft Azure infrastructure. We operate a private Azure tenant, with logical segregation of client data, across multiple data centres.

Microsoft Azure provides industry leading levels of security, resilience, and reliability. 

Our team are accredited members of the professional bodies that oversee and enforce standards of practice in their domains of expertise.

These include the British Psychology Society (BPS), the European Federation of Psychology Associations (EFPA), The Health and Caring Professions Council (HCPC), The Science Council, the BPS Register of Qualified Test Users. 

Our applications and infrastructure are subject to regular penetration testing, the results of which are used to remediate issues and to ensure we remain vigilant and prepared for evolving security threats.

We conduct month sprints to develop the platform and its features to ensure it maintains its position on the leading edge of assessment technology. 

We do not employ 3rd parties to process your data.

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