Good interviewer skills: 7 Ways to master interviews

Interviewing candidates is a demanding skill that requires constant development and refinement.

In order to know what strategic interview questions to ask candidates it is often better to utilise the power of technology rather than just relying on gut instinct alone.

But just what makes a good interviewer? And what skills do they need? Here are some of our top tips to help supercharge your interview process:

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1) Preparation

Take time to ensure you’re familiar with the candidates application and know the areas of the structure where you need to focus your attention.

2) Taking notes

It’s virtually impossible to remember everything each candidate tells you during interview – so take notes as you go. The candidate will expect you to…

3) Building rapport

Numerous surveys have shown that around 50% of candidates generally don’t like interviews. If you take the time to make them feel at ease and relaxed throughout, you will be far more likely to gain a better understanding of them during the interview stage, and make a better decision when it comes to the eventual hire.

4) Summarise back

One of the single most powerful interviewing techniques is to repeat anything the candidate tells you back to them and demonstrate empathy for any emotions they display or describe.

5) Avoid making assumptions

Be curious and try to clarify your understanding at al times throughout the interview. Do not illustrate your assumptions to the candidate by asking leading questions.

6) Ask open questions

Asking open questions will go a long way to getting the candidate to do the right proportion of talking during the interview (around 70%).

7) Be an ambassador

During the entire interview process you should look to represent your business as well as you possibly can. The way you handle your interviews will play a critical role in attracting the best candidates in future.

If you’re interested in reading more about mastering interviewing check out some of the other blog posts in the series, including; how to develop strategic interview questions to ask candidateshow to be a good interviewer and avoiding rude interviewer habits.

Clevry’s soft skills assessments platform can help recruiters and HR teams to easily generate strategic interview question to ask candidates based on the results of their personality profile. If you’re interested in finding out more please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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