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Structured interview software

Quick and easy structured interviews

Clevry’s Interview Builder allows you to easily create structured interviews in seconds. No more lengthy manual processes.

Our Interview Builder tool utilises job-related competencies, structured interview questions, templates, and intuitive interview reports for any job role at any level.

Build great interviews fast and ensure consistency throughout the hiring process.


Focus on skills, not resumes

Say goodbye to CV-based assessments. Our Interview Builder assesses candidates based on their skills and competencies relevant to the job role. By focusing on what truly matters, you’ll find the perfect fit for your team in no time at all.


Customisation and flexibility

Tailor interviews to meet your unique needs. Whether you prefer to use our own competencies, questions, and evaluations or use your own, our Interview Builder offers unmatched flexibility. Simply drag and drop your desired competencies and then prioritise with what is most important. Easily customise questions, and edit as needed to create the perfect interview experience.


Increase diversity in hiring

Promote diversity and inclusivity in your hiring process with our Interview Builder. Generate interview questions that are free from bias to create fairer hiring outcomes and severely reduce hiring bias.


GDPR & ISO Compliant

Your sensitive hiring data is safe with us. Our platform is fully ISO Certified and comes with enterprise-grade security measures to protect your information and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

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