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Graduates at work:
Soft skills

Graduates at Work is a survey that we carried out about graduates' expectations of working life.

Graduates are students, recent graduates and people at the very beginning of their working life.

This report covers soft skills and aims to find out thoughts and opinions regarding recruiting with the help of personality tests and the attitude of the graduates to a more soft skills-focused recruitment process.

Graduates at work report


Neurodiversity in hiring & assessment

Learn how to utilise psychometric assessments to promote a more neurodiverse workplace.

Neurodiversity hiring and assessment

Running a Virtual Assessment Centre

Best practice guidelines for designing and running your very own Virtual Assessment Centre.

Running a Virtual assessment centre

Strategic interview questions guide

Learn how to use psychometric assessments through the Clevry platform to generate strategic interview questions that are tailored specifically to your candidates.

Strategic interview questions guide

Ultimate guide to soft skills hiring

Technological change is driving work to be increasingly soft skills-intensive. People will be valued more based on how they are as human beings and less on what is in their CVs.

Is your organisation soft skills ready?

Soft skills guide



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