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Sample Reports

View the output from our psychometric assessments. One assessment gives you access to a wide range of personality reports.

Insights Report

Arguably our most popular report, the Insights Report provides a comprehensive exploration into key findings from an individual’s personality profile. Insights examines the ways in which an individual is likely to respond to people, tasks, demands, rewards and culture at work.

A good all-rounder, designed for use by recruiters, line managers, and HR and L&D professionals.

Insights report - profile summary
Job fit summary - selection report

Selection Report

The Selection Report describes the degree of fit between an individual’s psychometric results and the critical attributes of a specified role within your organisation. It’s a great narrative report for any questionnaire that has been job matched.

This is where you indicate what your ideal candidate would look like on each of the scales using a 5 point sliding scale ranging from Great fit to Terrible fit with the target role.

Interviewer Report

Designed for use by recruiters, line managers, and HR and L&D professionals. The Clevry Interviewer Report can also be used by managers and coaches in the context of development planning.

Our Interviewer Report offers guidance and suggests open-ended questions for conducting a competency-based interview or a follow-up exploration discussion. The reports summarise the key findings from the candidate’s personality profile, allowing you to build a more well rounded view of their strengths.

Interviewer report - strongest preferences
Onboarding report - getting the best from candidates

Onboarding Report

Helps you identify the most effective ways to get your new recruits off to a great start in their new role.

The Onboarding Report provides managers with tailored information on each new recruit, advising on how to maximise their potential and how they can be encouraged to deploy their key strengths in their new role.

This is where you indicate what your ideal candidate would look like on each of the scales using a 5 point sliding scale ranging from Great fit to Terrible fit with the target role.

Sales Report

The Clevry sales report is for anyone looking to recruit (or develop) candidates into a sales role. Get penetrating insight into your candidates values, motivational drivers and the personal style that highlights their sales potential.

The report also highlights potential de-railers based on responses to one of our personality questionnaires.

Sales report - sales strengths
Team strengths report - strengths

Team Strengths Report

The Team Strengths Report provides valuable insight in to an individual’s areas of strengths within a team based setting, and the likelihood of them adopting various roles. The Team Strengths Report helps you to understand an individual’s style and areas of strength within a team.

The report is a useful tool for identifying strengths and gaps within the team and is appropriate for use in a group setting or for just one individual.

Personal Feedback Report

A candidate-centric report that provides comprehensive insight into key findings from their personality profile. The Personal Feedback Report is a useful tool for considering personal development areas and future career choices and can be given to individuals as part of a development plan or upon completion of a questionnaire in a recruitment context.

Personal feedback report - your personality
Leadership report - model summary

Leadership Report

Our Leadership Report provides valuable insight into an individual’s leadership potential, indicating their work styles, strengths and preferences relating to leadership roles.

Derived from years of experience and research, this model is designed to help identify personality characteristics that are typically associated with successful leadership, and how these might determine the leadership style that the individual is likely to adopt.

Situational Judgement Test Report

Our new SJT report displays key findings from a respondents Situational Judgement Test performance that show how they are likely to respond to different scenarios in the workplace.

The report covers 5 main areas including; Thinking, Achieving, Influencing, Collaboration & Team Work and Commercial awareness.

SJT Report - scores
360 Report - 360 degree feedback report

360 Feedback Report

Our easy-to-interpret 360 feedback reports have been specifically designed for identifying strengths and performance trends for development planning.

360 Feedback Reports use attractive visuals to present the feedback collected in a way that easily accessible.

Ability Test Report

Our Candidate Friendly Ability Test Report provides easy-to-understand feedback to your candidate on any ability tests completed within a campaign.

The report is developmental in nature and has the candidate as the end user in mind.

Ability test report