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The Clevry assessment platform enables you to create your own assessment campaigns for recruitment and selection, and development purposes. Choose from 46 personality scales that reflect your corporate culture, or choose from our ready-to-use questionnaires focusing on scales related to success in that specific industry or role.

Have an assessment need that you don’t have time to do yourself? Use our assessment service and let us do it for you.

How it works

Flexible assessment platform

Manage your entire assessment journey in one place; creating your own assessment campaigns, bespoke branding, traffic-light sifting, candidate comparisons, results sharing, and tailored interview questions to aid hiring and development decisions.

Get the full picture

One personality assessment generates several insightful reports for use across the talent journey. Dig deeper at individual level and easily compare candidate scores directly online.

Analytics and comparisons

Do you know what correlates with job performance at your company? Get access to key insights into what drives job performance for your different roles. Start combining performance data with assessment results to generate analytics and correlations.

Let us do it for you!

Assessment Service

This service is a perfect solution to gain maximum value from the use of psychometrics in the selection process, with minimal time effort. Candidate’s soft skills and overall suitability to the role are measured on our platform. Clevry’s Business Psychologists will conduct 1-2-1 discussions with candidates to draw out powerful insights on their preferences, values and abilities, and provide guidance on how this impacts their suitability for a role.


How it works

Our experts will manage this process for you, including building the assessment profile, managing candidate completions, and running the 1-2-1 discussions. This allows you to add a powerful and predictive assessment to the recruitment process, with minimal time investment from your side.

We recommend the best assessments for the role based on job description and discussions with you.

We set up assessments and manage the process of candidate completions, liaising direct with the candidate.

A Clevry certified expert has a discussion with each candidate to delve into their assessment results.

We provide expert insights to the client based on the assessment results and candidate discussions.

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