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The soft skills platform for matching and recruiting. Grow faster by focusing on what matters most - soft skills.

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Soft Skills Platform

Predict job performance with industry leading validity and candidate satisfaction.

Our leading online psychometric assessment platform offers automated and powerful matching. You can easily create your own assessment campaigns for recruitment and selection.

The platform includes standard, role-specific and tailored personality questionnaires, cognitive ability tests, performance tracking, strategic interview questions and virtual assessment centres.

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Professional Services

Need help sourcing and recruiting your talent? Let our team of recruiters do it for you. We find, assess and recruit the right people for the right roles at the right time.

Have an assessment need instead? Our team of business psychologists can help design bespoke assessment and development solutions for almost any hiring need.

Includes assessment services, business psychology consulting, recruitment & staffing services, payrolling and Accelerate training programs for upskilling within IT and cloud.


Building Professional Relationships

A values based approach to recruitment.

We helped British Gas lower employee turnover, dramatically reduce the number of Assessment Centres and increased both candidate diversity and application volumes.

Key Results
Reduction in employee turnover
Reduction in assessment centres
More female applicants

Developed by psychologists and recruiters

The Soft Skills Platform

At our core is a highly flexible, soft skills platform for matching and recruiting professionals globally.

The Clevry platform makes it easy to create your own assessment campaigns for recruitment and development purposes, or outsource the work to our professional service team of recruiters and business psychologists.

It's time to start hiring better.

Better Matching

Industry leading validity and reliability. Higher candidate quality. More industry average A-players. Automated and powerful matching.

Better Experience

Engaging candidate experience. 80% less drop-offs. Candidate satisfaction 9,7/10. Easy-to-use reports. Intuitive and flexible platform.

Better Analytics

Recruitment & performance data that correlates with success. More diversity. Detailed insights for teams and individuals.

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