Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

For Jobseekers

Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.

Recruiting shouldn't be hard.

Clevry is what you get when you mix recruiters, business psychologists and algorithms. We help clients to recruit, onboard and develop their teams globally. And always centered on what really matters, soft skills.

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More money

2x productivity
3x industry average A-players
50% reduced recruitment costs


More time

80% reduction in time to hire
50% reduction in time to onboard
25% reduction in recruiter's workload


More success

Stronger values and culture
Increased productivity and performance
More engaged, committed, and motivated employees

How it works

Our platform and Joy at Work-model®, developed by Dr Alan Redman, drives effective hiring decisions, job performance, motivation, and ultimately, joy at work.

You can maximise its power and shift up through the gears by implementing soft skills at every point in the talent journey. And Clevry can help you do that.


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Soft skills

Soft Skills

1. Stop using traditional hard-skills focused recruitment process

2. Identify business-critical soft-skills

3. Build jobs around people’s soft-skill strengths



1. Predict job performance in the job more accurately

2. Harness routine performance data-collection to enhance success

3. Power soft-skills algorithms with performance data



1. Utilize structured assessment processes

2. Powerful psychometrics for sifting, selection, interviews, and onboarding

3. Better hiring decisions with predictively valid data



1. Extend soft-skills focus to personal development and career progression

2. Build joy at work to engage, develop, and retain your A-players

3. Create success through a joy-focused leadership culture


Recruiters, psychologists and algorithms

Recruit and onboard new hires and develop current employees with industry leading validity and candidate satisfaction. You choose how much you do yourself and how much you want to outsource to us. We have the experts and the solutions for you.

Assessment platform

Psychometric online solutions to predict job performance. Best-in-class experience.Learn more

Recruitment & payrolling

Finding the right people at the right time with the highest predictability on the market.
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Accelerate programs

Upskilling programs to solve talent shortage within IT and cloud.

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Advisory & consulting

Bespoke solutions to recruit, develop and raise job performance.

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They are already on the soft side

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The Soft Skills Audit Tool

Our free analysis tool helps you to get a sense of how well your organisation is equipped to handle soft skills.

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What are your soft spots?

Take our industry-leading personality questionnaire and get ”amazingly accurate” descriptions of your work-life strengths, preferences, and motivations. Understand what you like doing, what gives you energy and ultimately brings you joy at work.

Invite your friends and colleagues for team reports and fun insights. It only takes 10 minutes and all for free.

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The future is soft.

A study by Deloitte found that by 2030 almost 63 % of all jobs will be soft skills intensive. Check out our free Introduction to Soft Skills -webinar by Dr. Alan Redman to learn more.

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“Our goal is to make soft skills common place for all recruitment and development processes out there to help people and companies find joy at work.”

Dr. Alan Redman