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Clevry is a leader in so-called competency-based “skills first” hiring. For over 20 years, our recruiters have helped organisations build successful teams focusing on what matters most – skills.

Recruitment requires specialist knowledge. What makes Clevry unique is that we realized early on that it is skills and competencies that drive talent, not CV: s. Our vision proved to be correct. Today, we are proud of our industry-leading candidate quality, candidate and client satisfaction, placement rate, and efficiency-per-hire.

We have recruiters and researchers specialised in IT, Tech, Finance, Engineering, Life Science, Sales, Marketing, Service, HR, and Administration.

A bad hiring decision can cost you over 30 % of an employee‚Äôs annual salary. Our competency-based recruitment service is not just about filling positions; it’s delivering speed, personal service and quality of job applicants who fit the role and your company culture. It‚Äôs about ensuring their success in your team.¬†

Recruitment & Staffing

How we deliver in 7 days

We deliver results with skills-first recruitment based on scientific methods and skills and culture suitability for the role at hand and your company. Our process consists of expert candidate sourcing and marketing to deliver speed, industry-leading soft skills assessments and competency-based interviews to deliver quality.  

You might think all this robustness will naturally mean a dragged-out process leaving you waiting for candidates?

Have a look at our core role competencies and their respective stats to see what you as a client can expect. 

Neurodiversity assessment


Sourcing specialists collaborate with your dedicated recruiter to work swiftly, presenting suitable candidates on average between 5-9 days, depending on the role and its complexity.  


Quality: We specialise in a range of roles, applying role-based assessments, competency-based interviews, and recruitment expertise across all role-levels and seniorities to deliver superior quality.  


You are continuously uptodate with the process through your own hiring manager portal and dedicated recruiter. Our Customer Status Report provides you with all the main metrics and details of the recruitment process. 

Roles we hire for

Our role-based competency profiles are fully integrated into our recruitment processes to deliver outstanding candidate matches and help you make the right hiring decision.

The profiles, developed with over 30 years of scientific research and role mapping, are founded on skills that have been found to correlate with job success in various roles.

  • Volume sales roles
  • Solution sales roles
  • Call centre roles
  • Customer service roles
  • Support roles
  • Back-office roles
  • HR roles
  • Talent Acquisition roles
  • Finance roles
  • Payroll roles
  • PR roles
  • Communication roles
  • Marketing roles
  • IT-experts
  • Program developers
  • Data experts
  • Engineering (client facing)
  • Engineering (technical)
  • Project managers


  • Financial assistant
  • Financial administrator¬†
  • Accountancy roles
  • Senior finance roles

Can’t find your role here?

During our history we have recruited successfully for more that 150 different roles. Just ask and we are happy to tell you if can help!


Tailor your approach with our flexible hiring solutions

You choose how you want to hire. In addition to handling the recruitment process, we offer flexible hiring solutions to fit your unique business needs. Once you’ve found the right candidate, choose how you bring them on board:¬†

Soft skills

Direct recruitment

Opt to take the candidate onto your payroll, integrating them directly into your team. Ideal for those seeking permanent team expansions.  

Soft skills

Staffing services

Utilise our staffing services. In this model, the candidate is employed by us, simplifying your HR processes. This option is perfect for managing workforce flexibility, temporary needs, or reducing administrative overhead.

Both options include our commitment to quality and speed, ensuring you have the right talent in the right role, under the right employment terms.

Tangible results & satisfaction

Our client NPS of 63% comes from our commitment to results and ensuring every step of our process is transparent, efficient, and tailored to meet your specific hiring needs.

Role category, all seniorities 

Avg. candidate presentation time, days 

Avg. # of presented candidates to client 










Life Science 












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Recruitment & Staffing

Your own recruitment portal

No more searching through your crowded inbox for lost candidate presentation emails and links. As our client, you will have access to Clevry‚Äôs hiring manager portal.‚Ä謆

Our unique candidate presentation offers an overall match score for the role, based on their hard skills, soft skills, ability and interview scores, so you can compare candidates side-by-side with ease. 

You can effortlessly manage multiple recruitment processes, review candidates, leave feedback and schedule interviews with your top choices, and invite colleagues to review candidates. 

Recruitment & Staffing

Customer status report

Our Customer Status Report offers you a transparent overview of the recruitment process showcasing the depth and breadth of our recruitment efforts in finding your next hire, giving you a clear view of outcomes. 

For a role that’s in high demand and with low supply we typically source around 60 candidates to deliver you one hiring decision. 

Customer status report
Recruitment & Staffing

Partner with us

We aim to be more than just a service provider; we look to be a long-term partner in your growth.

Adapting our services to meet your evolving needs, we focus on building enduring relationships, helping your business forward with each hire.