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The Clevry way

We pride ourselves in providing a truly skills-first recruitment process based on science, soft skills and skills suitability for the target job role. Our process includes expert candidate sourcing and marketing to deliver speed, industry-leading soft skills assessments to deliver quality, and interviews by our soft skills experts to help your decision-making by delivering their second opinion and suggestions.


High-quality soft skills assessments are at the core of our recruitment process – backed by over 30 years of scientific research on what correlates with success.

Sourcing & Marketing

We don’t just post open vacancies and wait for the applicants. Our dedicated team of talent sourcers contact active and passive candidates to ensure an adequate number of qualified candidates.


CV and educational background are poor indicators of job performance. Our skills-first recruitment process is based on evaluating the essential soft skills and hard skills to predict job performance.

Recruitment agency psychometric tests

Smooth candidate presentation

No more searching through your crowded inbox for lost candidate presentation emails and links. As our privileged client, you can access our hiring manager module.​

You can effortlessly manage multiple recruitment processes, review candidate presentations and get immediate notifications whenever new candidates or messages arrive. ​

Better communi­cation

Our recruitment process is designed to make communication and decision-making simpler. Keep the entire history of your recruitment process in one place and directly message your recruiter for any additional questions or clarifications.

You can easily express your thoughts and feedback on candidate profiles, suggest and schedule interviews with your top choices, and even invite your colleagues to review candidates.

Better decisions

Our unique candidate presentation offers an overall match score for the role, based on their hard skills, soft skills, ability and interview scores, so you can compare candidates side-by-side with ease.

For more in-depth analysis, our candidate card includes recruiter summary, CV information and analysis profiles such as team strengths profile.

Recruitment services

You get the same high-quality recruitment process for all our recruitment services. Decide the best option for you, or get in touch to discuss your needs, and we’ll help you choose the best solution.

Soft skills


Need help sourcing and recruiting your talent? Let our team of recruiters do it for you. We find, assess and recruit the right people for the right roles at the right time.

Soft skills


Staffing offers an easy, flexible and cost-effective way to hire new employees and manage your company’s staff in today’s fast-moving labour market. We act as the employer and handle all the employment obligations and risks.

Core Compe­tencies

Our competency frameworks are fully integrated into our recruitment processes to deliver outstanding candidate service and help you find the best fit and make the right hiring decision.

Neurodiversity assessment
  • Volume sales roles
  • Solution sales roles
  • Call centre roles
  • Customer service roles
  • Support roles
  • Back-office roles
  • HR roles
  • Talent Acquisition roles
  • Finance roles
  • Payroll roles
  • PR roles
  • Communication roles
  • Marketing roles
  • IT-experts
  • Program developers
  • Data experts
  • Engineering (client facing)
  • Engineering (technical)
  • Project managers


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During our history we have recruited successfully for more that 150 different roles. Just ask and we are happy to tell you if can help!