Channel Partner Program

Become a Clevry partner and elevate your business through symbiotic growth and unparalleled success.
Ready to embark on a new growth journey?

What is the Clevry Channel Partner Program?

The Channel Partner Program is a network of agencies and businesses specializing in HR consultation, assessment, and recruitment services. Harnessing the power of Clevry’s software and its suite of integrations, our partners deliver advanced growth strategies from a single, reliable platform.

1 Platform – 3 Hubs covering Assessments, Hiring Process and Applicant Tracking – Over 200,000 candidates are assessed every month on the Clevry platform.

Through the Channel Partner Program, you’ll access unique benefits that elevate your business and set you apart from the competition.

These benefits are centred around three core areas:

Brake new ground for business growth

Offer new services through Clevry’s assessment, applicant tracking, candidate presentation, competence-based interview, and video interview software. This means you’ll have access to all the tools your clients need to up their hiring game.

Training to enhance your team's skillset

Get expert coaching on your sales techniques, process, and pipeline development. Benefit from the unique Clevry Academy partner training and certifications, enhancing your team's expertise and setting you apart as a certified partner in a competitive landscape.

Access to a network of growth-minded peers

Want to bounce ideas or need feedback on a concept? Tap into the shared wisdom of Clevry’s partner network, consistently hailed by existing partners as a standout feature of the Channel Partner Program. Get access to learning and networking events exclusive to channel partners as you move up in tier.

Who is a good fit?

Are you an established business or in the early stage of your new venture? Either way, there are two key criteria that make you an ideal fit for the channel partner program.

1. Your company’s business model includes any of the following services:

  • HR advisory and consulting, interview best practices, and talent development.
  • Tailored coaching for both companies and individuals.
  • Assessment services for hiring and developmental processes.
  • Assessment Center offerings for graduate schemes and leadership development.
  • Recruitment and staffing services.


2. You’re passionate about scaling your business, mastering new skills, and leveraging the best technology to help your clients meet their goals. 

Do you see yourself here? We’d love to connect!

Why join the Channel Partner Program?

Today’s businesses require recruitment strategies that enhance the overall employee experience. However, it’s challenging for agencies and providers to cover it all.

The good news? With the Channel Partner Program, you can bridge this gap. Connect to our advanced technology, comprehensive soft skills assessment tools, and renowned certifications, and leverage our partner network to address any shortcomings.

By partnering with Clevry, you’ll have everything you need to enable your clients’ candidates to experience a more objective and smooth recruitment process. Through the Channel Partner Program, you can access a tech stack that will allow you to create more value for your clients and build stronger relationships with them.

Select the right partnership for you

Interested in building expertise in Clevry and offering our solutions to your clients? Join as a channel partner and unlock the benefits of partnering with the Clevry community and your clients.

The Solutions Partner Package

  • Partner onboarding required (one-time fee)
  • Unlock access to over 35% revenue share (lifetime)
  • Dedicated point of contact for sales support, including business strategy
  • Dedicated point of contact for implementation support
  • Access to partner-level certifications
  • Access to while-labeled marketing content you can start using immediately to boost your online presence

Not ready to start with the channel partner package just yet?

No stress. You can utilise our platform and start selling individual assessments to your clients. This approach lets you get acquainted with the platform and its potential for business growth. Get in touch with us to find the best option for you.


Clevry provides a comprehensive software solution encompassing assessments, applicant tracking, interviews, and candidate presentations. We offer an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), complemented by numerous features allowing data-driven hiring decisions. With Clevry, you can build a streamlined and more objective recruitment process, enhancing the candidate experience and helping your clients optimize team performance while minimizing churn.

To be a channel partner, you need to have at least one of the following licences: Assessment Hub, Hiring Hub or Applicant Tracking Hub. The starter tiers of these Hubs are priced at €300, which is the current starting cost to become a solutions provider.

While every business is unique, our partners generally ramp up swiftly due to our efficient onboarding process. Typically, partners are set to employ Clevry and cater to their clients within 1 to 2 months.

Indeed, as partners evolve, they can progress through “tiers”. These tiers signify your present achievements and offer a means to set you apart in the program. Clevry categorizes solutions partners into tiers based on various metrics, notably monthly sold and managed recurring revenue (MRR).