Accelerate IT Training

We identity high potential talent and develop their hard skills with flexible online training.

Ready-to-go training solutions in Data, Cloud and Quality Assurance.​

Accelerate by Clevry identifies high-potential talent with the right soft skills and develops their hard skills competence, and professional ability with an external training partner.

In-person training for groups or tailored and flexible online training with no minimum number of participants. 

Process & Benefits

The perfect balance between soft skills and hard skills

Accelerate combines a data-driven recruitment process, risk-free employment and hard skills training to find the perfect match.

Rather than re-skilling, the Accelerate program builds on the existing knowledge and skills of high-potential individuals, meaning they can get up to speed faster. The candidates’ soft skills, motivations and cognitive abilities are measured on Clevry’s soft skills platform to identify candidates who are most likely to perform well in the job and your company culture.


Profile definition & application process

Profile definition and starting the search by combining job ads and our sourcing team to maximise candidate amount.


Validating soft skills match

Phone interviews, personality and ability assessments to identify the right fit, followed by structured interviews with the most suitable candidates. 


Candidate selection

Best candidates are presented and once the right match is found, the client makes the hiring decision.


Start of employment

Start of risk-free employment. The selected candidate works as a subcontractor. 


Ongoing development

Intensive competence development and upskilling with training days and new skills are implemented. Online or in-person training.


Hiring to the company

After the training period, if all goes well, the client can internalise the candidate,

Competence Areas

Accelerate IT training - data

Typical roles include:

Data Engineers

Data Scientists

Accelerate IT training - SQA

Typical roles include:

Test Automation Engineers

DevOps Specialists

Typical roles include:

Cloud Developers

Cloud Specialists

Candidate backgrounds

Candidates go through Clevry's job fit validation during the outsourced recruitment process. It includes role-specific assessments and soft skills interviews. The client always makes the hiring decision, and those who get shortlisted already have a solid background in the critical areas. See the examples on the right.

Accelerate training programs deepen your new hires' knowledge and skills, making them more productive and engaged. Saving you precious time and resource.

Example background

  • M.Sc. Information and Service
  • 4 years of work experience in the
    areas of ETL, BI and DW
  • Strong tech skills: SQL, SQL Server,
    SSIS, SAS DIS, Tableau, Git, Jira,
  • Soft skills: Practical, rigorous ja detail

Example background

  • M.Sc. Economics, minors mathematics, statistics and computer science
  • Appr. 2 years of work experience in financial reporting and modelling
  • Masters R and SQL and has excellent mathematical skills to analyse and model
  • Soft skills: Rigorous, analytical and gregarious

Example background

  • M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, minor information technology
  • 4 year of part-time work experience of optimizing designs with Python
  • Strong tech skills: Python, C++ and JavaScript
  • Soft skills: Rational, rigorous, detail-focused and listening

Example background

  • M. Sc. Physics, minor information
    technology and mathematics
  • Internships in software
    development regarding IoT solutions and modelling and also personal programming projects
  • Strong tech skills: Java, Python,
    C++, C, Git, SQL, XML, JSON
  • Soft skills: Listening, rational and direct

Example background

  • B. Sc. Information Technology
  • 1,5 years of work experience in software development
  • Good tech skills: Java, JavaScript,
    React, HTML and SQL
  • Soft skills: Rational, creative, rigorous and listening

Example background

  • Vocational education in IT
  • 4 years of experience in system support and administration
  • Basic level of programming:
    HTML, C#, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.
  • Soft skills: Gregarious, listening and
''The decision to work with Clevry was extremely easy. CGI has recruitment needs in data management and analytics in healthcare and social welfare services. Clevry has sourced good talent for CGI, brought them in for consideration, and we’ve made good recruitments that way.

My busy schedule made me want help in recruiting, and as an additional benefit, the initial training was done with Accelerate by Clevry program. Especially data side tools require this tailored training service.

In practice, the recruitment process goes like this; the person is first trained by Clevry, they work for us for a year as a subcontractor and after that, we have the opportunity to hire them ourselves. We’ve had very successful experiences with this model.”
Katja Antikainen
Director, Consulting Services, CGI