Psychometric Assessment

Public Sector & Government

Powerfully predictive psychometrics tailored for governmental departments and public sector organisations.

Success in a public sector role often requires a combination of strong personality traits from problem solving and flexible thinking to leadership and interpersonal skills.

As public sector officials tend to be more heavily scrutinised by their customers (i.e. the public) making the wrong appointment to a public sector role can cause significant disruption to public bodies and their reputations.

Our team of business psychologists work with your department or agency to provide a comprehensive analysis of your public sector roles, the tasks they perform and how they interact with the rest of the business.

After getting to know your culture we utilise a range of innovative assessment solutions to help support and enhance your public sector recruitment process.

Clevry assessments can be fully customised to match both your organisational values and the roles being offered.

Public sector & government

What is psychometrics?

Psychometrics (aka psychometric tests or assessments) provide public sector organisations with a fairer and more objective way of measuring candidates skills and abilities such as cognitive ability, abstract, critical, verbal and numerical reasoning and behavioural style.

For a test to be considered ‘psychometric’, it must be standardised, reliable and valid. It also has to be consistent in its content, administration and scoring. This ensures the test is accurate and measures what it is supposed to, whilst omitting the influence of subjective biases.

>>>What is a psychometric test?

Benefits of psychometrics for public sector recruiters


Talent Management

Provides an overall evaluation of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and behavioural style at work with the aim of identifying the best fit for a particular job


Objective hiring decisions

Psychometrics offer a robust and scientifically valid way of assessing your candidates that is drastically reduces subjective influence and hiring bias


Better employee retention

Using psychometrics in your recruitment process can help to reduce rates of employee turnover. Knowing more about your candidates workplace behaviours and motivational drivers will allow you to make more effective hiring decisions.


Adds equality and fairness to recruitment process

Psychometric tests are standardised and scientifically validated to ensure that all individuals are assessed the same, reducing cognitive hiring bias.

Easy ATS Integrations

The Clevry platform easily integrates with a host of different ATS providers, meaning you can track your candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.

Better public sector hiring with Clevry

By utilising the power of Clevry assessments in public sector hiring, employers will gain a better view of candidates personality, their abilities and overall fit with your business culture, saving valuable time, money and hiring resource.       

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you find your future top performers, please get in touch and one of team will call you back to discuss your options. 

Our psychometrically rigorous personality assessments help you find the most suitable people for your organisation.

Easily assess your public sector staff by their potential ability to do the job, rather than just relying on previous academic performance alone.

We can develop bespoke situational assessments that mirror the work based tasks your public sector staff will have to undertake in their day-to-day role.

Once you’ve found and hired your top candidates, a good onboarding programme will play a vital role in helping to engage, develop and retain them.

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