Psychometric test for leadership

Leadership Assessment

Psychometric tests for high-level, executive recruitment, selection & development.

Psychometric test for leadership

Psychometric tests for leadership (aka executive assessments) are used when organisations need to hire senior employees into their business, from senior management to C-suite level.

The ramifications of making the wrong appointment at high levels can be significant, so it is crucial for organisations to use assessments that allow them to assess candidates’ suitability for leadership roles.

Our psychometric assessments can be fully customised to match both your organisational values and the roles being offered.

Leadership model - leadership report

Psychometric test for leadership

The Clevry Leadership Model

Our Leadership Report utilises the Clevry Leadership Model, which provides a set of indicators of leadership potential.

The areas contained within the model are important attributes which can help to identify general potential for individuals aspiring to, or working within, a leadership role.

It is important to recognise that the qualities required of individual leaders may differ, depending on the role and the context. Organisations also require different capabilities from their leaders at different times. It is recommended that the information contained in this report should therefore be considered in the light of these specific needs.

Every individual has their own strengths and preferences when it comes to their personal leadership style. It’s natural to have attributes that are stronger and also some that are lower in the report.

Our Leadership Report looks at 4 key areas


Leading people

Offers insight into the individual’s tendencies and preferences in relation to working with others; including connecting with peers and managing direct reports.


Leading tasks

Looks at how the individual might approach tasks and decisions. This relates to their values, drive, and prioritisation in terms of the projects that they lead.


Leading yourself

Explores how the individual might deal with the emotional demands that come with adopting leadership responsibilities and bearing influence over others.


Leading the way

Details how the individual might approach leadership responsibilities that involve looking to the future and driving organisational change.

Easy ATS Integrations

The Clevry platform easily integrates with a host of different ATS providers, meaning you can track your candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.

Hire better leaders with Clevry

Utilising the power of Clevry assessments in your executive recruitment search, gives employers a better view of your candidates abilities and overall fit with your business culture, saving valuable time, money and hiring resource.       

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you find your future business leaders then please contact us and one of team will be happy to discuss your options. 

Our psychometrically rigorous personality questionnaires help you find the most suitable leaders for your organisation.

A full suite of off-the-shelf cognitive ability tests including verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning and mechanical reasoning tests.

Easily assess your business leaders by their potential ability to do the job, rather than just relying on previous academic performance alone.

We can develop bespoke situational judgement tests that mirror the work based tasks your leadership team will have to undertake in their day-to-day role.

Once you’ve found and hired your top candidates, a good employee onboarding programme will play a vital role in helping to engage, develop and retain them.

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Driving global leadership at Novartis with tailored assessments

A custom built assessment solution for global leadership roles.

We provided a custom online solution to Novartis’ assessment needs, designing a bespoke web-based psychometric testing tool specifically created to reflect the values and expectations of the Novartis leadership standards.

Key Results
Improved quality of candidates
Reflected Novartis leadership standards
Global implementation
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