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Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


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Sample Reports

View the output from our psychometric assessments. One assessment gives you access to a wide range of personality reports.


Insights report

The Clevry Insights Report examines how an individual is likely to respond to tasks, demands, people, rewards and culture at work.

Insights is a good all-round report, and provides a well-rounded view of an individuals personality profile .

Designed for use by recruiters, line managers, and HR and L&D professionals.

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Selection report

The Selection Report describes the degree of fit between a candidates psychometric assessment results and the critical attributes that are needed to succeed in the the role.

Clevry deploys sophisticated job matching algorithms to help identify how well candidates are likely to respond to the unique demands of a role.

The Selection Report provides a great narrative for any questionnaire that has been job matched.

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Personal Feedback report

The Personal Feedback Report is a candidate-focused report that provides more detailed insight into a respondents personality profile.

Personal Feedback is a great tool for personal development, learning and discussing future career paths.

Often used by HR teams and managers as part of an ongoing development plan or in the early stages of a recruitment process.

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Onboarding report 

The Onboarding Report helps identify the most effective ways of onboarding new hires to get them off to a great start in their new role.

Onboarding reports display strengths that candidates will likely demonstrate at work when they feel motivated and engaged.

The report provides guidance on how to appeal to their personal style, values, and motivational drivers during the start of their new role at your organisation.

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Interviewer report

The Interviewer Report provides strategic interview questions to ask candidates based on the results of their personality assessment, along with tailored interview guidance for conducting a competency-based interview or a follow-up exploration discussion.

Interviewer Reports can be used together with Clevry's candidate matching facility to give further insight into the candidate before the interview stage in the recruitment process.

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Team strengths report

The Team Strengths Report provides valuable insight in to an individual’s strengths within a team based setting. It then explores the likelihood of them adopting various roles within a team.

The Team Strengths Report can help managers and recruitment teams to better understand an individual’s working style and key strengths within a team.

Highly useful tool for identifying strengths and gaps within your team.

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Leadership report

The Leadership Report gives powerful insights into an individual’s leadership potential, indicating their strengths, working style and preferences relating to a leadership position.

Our leadership model is designed to help identify the personality traits typically associated with successful leadership, and how these might determine the leadership style that the individual is likely to adopt.

An excellent tool for HR professionals, high-level recruiters, line managers, and coaches.

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Sales report

The Sales Report is for anyone looking to recruit (or develop) candidates into a sales role. 

Gain penetrating insights into your candidates values, motivational drives and the personal style that highlights their potential to succeed in a sales role.

The report also highlights potential de-railers based on responses to a psychometric personality assessment.

The Sales Report is designed for line managers, recruitment teams and can also be used for internal development and feedback. 

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