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End-to-end recruitment process management coupled with top-of-the-line science.

Traditional hiring, focused on experience and education, often misses the mark. Research shows that a holistic approach to assessing candidates — considering multiple factors like ability and personality— is the best predictor of job success. Now, for the first time, our platform enables you to manage your recruitment processes end-to-end together with this scientific approach. Dive into a smarter, skills-first hiring platform and elevate your talent acquisition.  

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Skills-First ATS

Precision hiring

Ensure every hire is pinpoint accurate with our skill suitability sifting. Our platform enables you to match candidates to jobs with unprecedented precision, aligning skills and competencies with role requirements effortlessly. 

In a saturated market where every candidate seems like a potential fit, we bring clarity. Our Skills-First ATS isn’t just about matching a role with a resume—it’s about aligning aspirations, competencies, cultural fit, and business needs. With our platform, you get more than just candidates; you secure individuals tailor-made for your roles, ensuring every hire amplifies team cohesion and business growth. 

Skills-First ATS

Automation & efficiency

Unleash automation and efficiency in your recruitment journey. From automating candidate flows based on assessment scores to ensuring seamless transitions between hiring stages, dive into a world where your ATS does the heavy lifting.

Automation in recruitment isn’t just about speed—it’s about precision, consistency, and a seamless experience. Our system optimizes every stage, from sifting candidates based on assessment scores to orchestrating smooth transitions between hiring phases.

The result? You save time, reduce human error, and enhance the candidate experience, making every touchpoint a testament to your company’s professionalism. 

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Skills-First ATS

Objective assessments

Embed a suite of scientifically backed assessments right into your recruitment processes.

From understanding personality fit and abilities, elevate your hiring objectivity and insight into candidate potentials. These tools don’t just help you hire; they empower you to understand the core drivers of job performance, ensuring your roles and teams are composed of individuals primed for excellence.

Skills-First ATS

Championing diversity

Beyond buzzwords: Let skills be the true metric. 

In an era where diversity and inclusion are often reduced to mere buzzwords, we offer tangible solutions.

Our skills assessments and anonymized hiring features ensures you’re assessing candidates on skills and potential, not names or backgrounds.

In doing so, we minimise unconscious biases in the equation, pushing your company towards a more diverse, inclusive, and dynamic workplace. 

Customer status report
Skills-First ATS

Candidate Feedback

Hiring isn’t just about finding the right candidate—it’s about enhancing your brand at every touchpoint.

Our interactive feedback dashboard ensures every candidate, whether they secure the role or not, walks away with insights that foster growth. This not only enhances their experience but positions your company as a thought leader, invested in the holistic growth of every individual you engage with. 

Additional features

Hiring manager hub

Empower your hiring managers with a dedicated portal tailored for efficient shortlisted candidate presentations. Seamless collaboration and decision-making are just a click away. 

Dedicated job board 

Expand your reach with your own dedicated job board with your company brand. 

Access permissions 

Maintain control and security with granular access permissions. Delegate specific functionalities to team members while keeping sensitive information restricted.  


Break down silos in your hiring process. Engage stakeholders from multiple teams to collaboratively assess and discuss candidates.  

ISO 27001 certified 

Security isn’t an afterthought; it’s integral. Our platform is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the utmost protection of your data and processes. 

Automated gateways 

Set up automated gateways between recruitment stages and send tailored messages based on candidate profiles.

Secure, accessible & GDPR compliant

We take data protection seriously. The Clevry platform is fully compliant with GDPR and ISO certified.

ISO certification can be checked by visiting the QMSUK website  here  and entering our certification number 291682018. The Clevry platform conforms to level “Double-A” of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 to ensure accessibility for users with disabilities.

Compatible with accessibility devices such as screen readers and refreshable Braille.

Structured interview tools 

From practical interview tips per candidate to designing a comprehensive capability-based recruitment design framework. 

Dedicated support 

Never feel lost with our extensive knowledge base, onboarding sessions, and continuous support. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, we’ve got your back every step of the way.  

Interview scheduling 

Bid farewell to the tedious back-and-forths. With our system’s integrated scheduling, both candidates and interviewers find a suitable time without the usual hassles.

Candidate portal 

Our portal retains candidate information, making reapplications a breeze. Plus, ‘reuse’ capabilities let you tap into a reservoir of skills, matching candidates to multiple suitable roles over time.

Psychometrically rigorous

All our  Personality Questionnaires  and Cognitive Ability Tests have been developed and refined through extensive research with organisations into business critical roles and are fully accredited by the BPS.

High scale reliabilities ensure accuracy and consistency. Validation research across a range of organisations and contexts conducted since 1996.

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