Psychometric Reports

Personal Feedback Report

Candidate-friendly report containing valuable advice for self-development

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A candidate-centric report that provides comprehensive insight into key findings from their personality profile.

Personal Feedback is a useful tool for considering personal development areas and future career choices and can be given to individuals as part of a development plan or upon completion of a questionnaire in a recruitment context.

Feedback is valuable for the individuals and those organisations who provide feedback to individuals, even when they have not been successful in a role, view the company more favourably.

What it looks like

The Personal Feedback Report is attractive, using colours and a range of ways of displaying information. It is easy to understand and designed so that no prior understanding of psychometrics or personality assessment is required.

To assist with this, numerical scoring is omitted in the report to avoid confusion in interpretation, and it instead offers clear and detailed narrative describing what their responses suggest in the context of tendencies and preferences at work.

What’s in the Personal Feedback Report?

All Clevry reports have a page dedicated to ensuring users fully understand the background and purpose of the report, how to correctly interpret the results it presents, the conditions of using the report and where further information can be found about the candidate.

Personal feedback report - your personality

Your personality

Provides a detailed description of the individual’s personality based on all of the scales included in the questionnaire

Your development

Describes up to 5 key areas which would be a good place to focus on when considering personal development

Personal feedback report - your development
Personal feedback report - your career

Your career choices

Indicates which career choices are well suited to recipients or less aligned to the individual’s preferences and personality at work

Adapting your working style

Hints and tips on key areas which the individual may benefit from flexing or modifying their work style

Personal feedback report - work styles
Personal feedback report - your reflections

Your reflections

Provides recipients with the space to capture thoughts on key strengths and priorities for personal development