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Situational Judgement Test Report

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Our new SJT report displays key findings from a respondents Situational Judgement Test performance that show how they are likely to respond to different scenarios in the workplace.

The report covers 5 main areas including; Thinking, Achieving, Influencing, Collaboration & Team Work and Commercial awareness.

What’s in the SJT Report?

All Clevry reports have a page dedicated to ensuring users fully understand the background and purpose of the report, how to correctly interpret the results it presents, the conditions of using the report and where further information can be found about the candidate.

Overall performance

The overall performance index is based on a combination of a candidate's Situational Judgement Test results. The report will indicate their overall performance on a Situation Judgement Test compared to a comparison group.

SJT Report - overall summary
SJT Report - scores

Scores by competency

Displays a candidate’s judgement and reasoning approach across a range of situations typical of the a specific role.

These situations measure success factors that are critical to effective performance. Results against each of these success factors are described in this section.

Detailed competency scores

The following sections of the SJT Report display a more detailed breakdown of how your candidate performed against the relevant competencies.

These competencies include: thinking, achieving, influencing, collaboration & teamwork and commercial awareness.

SJT Report - detailed competency scores