Recruiters and researchers

Optimise your hiring process to enhance efficiency, improve retention, and lower your overall cost-per-hire.

Clevry’s recruiters and researchers at your service 

Clevry is a leader in competency-based “skills-first” hiring. For over 20 years, our recruiters have helped organisations build successful teams focusing on what matters most – skills.  

Recruitment requires specialist knowledge. What makes Clevry unique is that we realised early on that skills and competencies drive talent rather than CVs. Our vision proved to be correct. Today, we are proud of our industry-leading candidate quality, candidate and client satisfaction, placement rate, and efficiency-per-hire.  

We have recruiters and researchers specialised in IT, Tech, Finance, Engineering, Life Science, Sales, Marketing, Service, HR, and Administration.  

Certified recruiters in skills-based hiring

Clevry’s recruiters have extensive experience in recruitment and have all earned the official Soft Skills certification. This professional certification, designed by Dr. Alan Redman, helps people understand how personality and skills affect performance and how to measure and evaluate what correlates with success at work. 

Each recruiter brings with them the best recruitment practices. They understand how to get the best results from various interview methods, including structured interviews, video interviews, and other virtual tools. 

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You choose the scope

Our recruiters and researchers are available when the workload increases, if you need extra support in a recruitment campaign, if you are looking for a temporary replacement, or if you want to enhance the expertise of your existing team. 

Our recruiters and researchers are here to assist you, whether you need full-time or part-time support or temporary or ongoing needs. They can work from your offices or Clevry’s, depending on what best suits your requirements.