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Please note: it may take up to 24 hours to process your access to the Clevry Marketplace

Match & Connect

Clevry’s unique Marketplace offers both employers and candidates the opportunity to anonymously express their interest in potential recruitment.

The marketplace automatically matches you with the best candidates, based on your role and their soft and hard skills.  After that, simply reach out via the built-in chat to discuss the opportunity with individual candidates.

How does this work?

1. Sign up and create one or several recruitment needs 

Define the skills and competencies needed. Answer a few questions and create a recruitment need 

2. Get objective matches 

Once you have created a need our platform will do the matching and notify you of candidates fitting your criteria. You can review and compare candidates abilities, hard skills, soft skills and CV information all under their candidate card. 

3. Connect anonymously 

Once you have found an interesting match you can express interest in the candidate. Once the candidate has also expressed interest in your role then you two can connect, chat and exchange contact info. Until then both of you can remain anonymous so that each party can focus of what actually matters –skills and competency match. 

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Discover quality talent objectively

Post your job and you’ll immediately get notified when there’s candidates who match your criteria. Once you’ve found suitable matches, you can discuss availability, timing and compensation before moving forward.

In the Soft Skills Marketplace you can post a potential job opportunity or an urgent need. You can choose whether you are looking for an employee immediately or in the future. No need for classic job ads. You can simply create a potential work opportunity without committing to anything. But remember that the more you can tell potential matches the higher the chances are that a candidate will show interest in you and the role.

Candidates don’t apply to the role, they express interest in it. Once you have created a need, our platform will do the matching and notify you of candidates fitting your criteria. You can review and compare candidates abilities, hard skills, soft skills and CV information all under their candidate card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this yet another job board? Why join the marketplace?

Clevry is unlike any job board or talent pool out there.

We match candidates based on scientifically tested soft and hard skills, which ensures only the best possible fit for the job. Besides posting your direct recruitment needs, you can also open up for future recruitment needs. This will lead a steady stream of suitable candidates who are ready to discuss with you, when you are ready to hire.

So what do I get when I join the marketplace?

You get a new way of sourcing and connecting directly with candidates that match the job criteria that you set up. Fill your pipeline with quality candidates. No need for long and un-engaging job ads. No more irrelevant applications.

Simply set up your matching criteria and post your opportunity, and instantly receive connection requests from qualified, relevant people within seconds. All information available up-front for better decision making and matching: Clear salary expectations, skills, experience, education & availability. The rest is details.

How does it work?

After signing up, create your first opportunity on the marketplace. Describe what type of candidate would be an optimal fit for you and your team, via our opportunity creation wizard. The more you can tell about the opportunity, the better the matches will be.

Once published, our matching algorithm instantly recommends the best suited profiles to you.

All sign-ups (from both companies and candidates) are manually validated by our team, to make sure there are only relevant participants on our marketplace. This reflects positively on candidate quality and engagement.

How many candidates can I choose from?

The most important part for any marketplace is that the candidates are timely and relevant. Which means that most of the candidates are not ‘passive’, which you find they are at most job board. Timely is that they recently have been active in the marketplace and are looking for opportunities. These timely candidates amount to around 800 new ones per week.

Is there a guarantee that I will get a match for my role?

We can’t guarantee that you will find a match for your specific role or criteria. Remember to set up your email notifications so that you don’t miss out on new matches or connection requests!

Should I manage the process myself?

You can do the sourcing through our marketplace and connect with suitable, high-caliber candidates directly. If you need help in any part of the recruitment process our managed service offering can help you with parts or the whole process.

Say for example that you want us to do the sourcing and first interviews. Our recruitment teams are ready to help you in parts of the process or you can outsource the work completely to us if you want to. Contact us for more information.

How long does the matching process usually take?

Completing the criteria profile and publishing a job opportunity takes you around 10-15 minutes on average.

After you have published our matching algorithm will instantly present you with the most suited profiles for your role. After that it’s about connecting and expressing interest in candidate profiles.

Remember that the candidate also needs to express interest in your role before you can connect with the candidate. So the more you can tell about you, the role and the company, the more likely a candidate will express interest!

How do I connect and communicate with candidates?

Once both a candidate and you have expressed interest and accepted to connect, you can start messaging via the built-in chat functionality on our platform.

Can I search for candidates on the platform?

When you set up a job opportunity, a matching filter is automatically created for you.

This means that you don’t need to endlessly search and scroll through profiles, but rather that all profiles that are suggested to you will be of high relevance. And by having email notifications on, you will only get profile suggestions matching the criteria you have set.

This saves you (and the candidate!) plenty of time by focusing on pure matches and nothing else.

Get started on the Soft Skills Marketplace for free!

Please note: it may take up to 24 hours to process your access to the Clevry Marketplace