We find the best soft skills matched candidates to fit your needs.

What is Staffing?

An easy, flexible and cost-effective way to hire new employees and manage your company’s staff in today’s fast-moving labour market. It enables you to focus on your core business, while we focus on ours – finding you the best talent to match your needs. Sounds good, right?

Your staffing partner acts as the employer and handles the recruitment process and all the employment obligations, while the work itself is done at the client company’s premises.

Hiring new staff is always a laboursome process and finding the right talent to match your specific needs can be challenging to say the least. Whether your company is growing rapidly, you need seasonal help, support during parental leave or there’s any other kind of sudden change in resourcing needs, we’ll find you the right solution to ensure your business runs smoothly no matter what.

Save time & money

Save your resources where they count the most. We handle the recruitment process and take care of all the employment obligations. Focus on your core business and let us find you the talent you need.


Low risk and flexible way to fill your vacancies quickly during a peak or when your resourcing needs are hard to predict. You can hire the best as permanent employees to your company after the leasing period

Reduce risk of bad hires

We predict job performance with data-driven recruitment. By measuring candidates’ soft skills we identify the best match between the employer and the employee.

Unrivalled support

Our dedicated Consultant Care team supports our consultants in all matters relating to the employment relationship to make sure they stay happy, motivated and productive in their work.

Why staffing?

Staffing services offers a flexible and low risk way of filling your vacancies quickly when your own resources are limited, ensuring your business runs smoothly even during challenging times. Staffing can be used for fixed-term, temporary and permanent staffing.

The employment relationship can be either part-time or full-time. Some examples when staffing services are a great solution:

  • Urgent need for new hire

  • During seasonal peaks or summer vacancies

  • Hiring freeze (direct hires)

  • Parental leave or other absence

  • Fixed-term projects

  • New permanent role in the company

  • Resourcing needs are hard to predict

The Clevry Way

Our staffing services are much more than just hiring the candidates. We predict job performance with data driven recruitment to ensure you get the right candidates that will excel in your company culture. We measure candidates' soft skills e.g. how they work, how they stay motivated, and their approach to solving problems to identify the best match between the employer and the employee. 

Our team of experienced recruiters are responsible for every step of the process, during which time we keep our customer updated and well informed about the progress.

We'll help you with your resourcing needs by finding you the best soft skills matched candidates to fit your roles and corporate culture, be it an individual or a larger group of talent that you're after.

Our unique Onboarding report is the perfect tool for managers to help them understand what makes their team members tick and how to get the most from your new team members. The report is designed to ensure a seamless and productive integration of new recruits into your organisation. Based on each individual’s responses on their personality questionnaire, the onboarding report advises managers on how to utilise each new employee’s strengths and preferences, thereby maximising their potential whilst also cultivating healthy leadership behaviours.