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At Clevry, we use personality assessments in all our recruitment processes to better define the strengths and capabilities of each candidate, meaning better recruitment, better candidates and better results for our clients.

In recruitment, personality assessments are used to measure candidates’ soft skills such as interpersonal skills, work ethic, adaptability and problem-solving skills in order to help employers find the most suitable candidates for a position. Candidates are then put forward based on how well their personalities, behaviours and motivations match the requirements of the position and the company culture.

Clevry’s personality questionnaires are designed to highlight the qualities and attributes that are crucial for success in the role as well as in your specific workplace. Our assessments are used to build a more well-rounded view of a candidate¬ís personality in relation to the role being applied to. Being better informed about the candidates needs and motivations allows us to make better decisions and provide our customers with tangible ROI.

We always ensure that our tests are standardized, reliable and validated. No subjective assessments take place during this process.


Benefits of using assessments in recruiting

Identify the right fit

Gain deeper insights into candidates’ personality profile and what drives them as human beings. Being better informed about your candidates motivations and the degree of fit with your organisational culture allows you to make better hiring decisions.


Save time & money

Only the best soft skills matched candidates are put forward in the process ensuring you only interview the most potential ones, allowing you to save you’re resources where they count the most.

Objective & fair

Personality assessments are standardized to ensure that all individuals are treated equally, and can be accurately compared. They offer a robust process, free from subjective influence and bias.


View the output from our psychometric assessments by downloading sample reports below.


Why Personality Matters?

Soft skills are personality traits that shape the way we work, act and interact with others. These skills represent a range of different abilities and attributes that are often necessary for success in a particular role.

Soft skills are becoming more and more vital in the workplace. This is because they’re highly transferrableskills and can be applied to a number of different situations and roles. As society continues to grow digitally, soft skills will become more and more vital in the workplace.

By measuring soft skills we get a result that demonstrates how the individual will perform in a specific role. Key insights about how an individual interacts with colleagues, performs work related tasks, communicates and builds relationships are not always easy to discover during an interview or by looking at a CV. It is though in fact crucial when it comes to finding the perfect match.


Soft Skills Matching

A soft skills-match is the certificate you need to be sure that your candidate has all the right qualities to excel in their new role.

We make sure that your candidate’s personal strengths and motivations relate to your workplace culture and are the best fit for the requirements for the role.

  • Identifies what motivates your candidates
  • Defines the personality traits, strengths and behaviours needed for success in a role at your company
  • Streamlines your recruitment process
  • Provides all new employees with a tailored on boarding report – allowing them to hit the ground running in their new role


How Clevry can help

We offer a range of recruitment, staffing and assessment services that make finding the right match easy.

Our online assessments platform allows you to easily assess cognitive ability and the cultural fit of your candidates, meaning you can find your top performers with ease.

All our staffing and recruitment is done with a focus on soft skills and culture fit. This ensures all of our placements are both competent and a good fit with the company culture.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help please visit our contact page and get in touch.




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