Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

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Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.



Soft skills recruitment services which predict job performance and culture fit.

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Recruitment Services

Science-backed staffing and recruitment services

Soft Skills


An easy & cost-effective way to hire. We take care of the recruitment process and employer responsibilities.

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Soft skills


Data-driven recruitment. We find you the right soft skills matched talent. You handle employer responsibilities.

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Hard skills


Train, up-skill and empower your new hires to increase their competency across a range of tech roles.

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Traditional Recruitment

Current providers on the market focus on finding a good fit for hard skills.  Hard skills are easy to measure, but predicts job performance poorly.


The Clevry Way

We focus on the things that actually matter when recruiting - soft skills. Soft skills are the best predictor of future job performance.

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Core competencies

We have created role-specific competency frameworks for our most common roles. 

The competency frameworks are fully integrated into our recruitment processes to deliver outstanding candidate service and help you find the bet fit and make the right hiring decision.

Check out how we utilize our The Soft Skills Engine in our recruitment processes.


Our process  

The Soft Skills Engine

  • Sales & Customer service

    Volume sales roles

    Solution sales roles

    Call centre roles

    Customer service roles

    Support roles

  • Administration and HR

    Back-office roles

    HR roles

    Talent Acquisition roles

    Finance roles

    Payroll roles


  • Marketing

    PR roles

    Communication roles

    Marketing roles

  • IT & Tech


    Program developers

    Data experts

  • Engineering

    Engineering (client facing)

    Engineering (technical)

    Project managers

  • Other roles

    Can't find your role here?

    During our history we have recruited successfully for more that 150 different roles. Just ask and we are happy to tell you if can help!

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Key benefits

Our recruitment services are much more than just hiring the candidates. We predict job performance with data driven recruitment to ensure you get the right candidates that will excel in your organisational culture. We measure candidates' soft skills in all our processes to identify the best match between the employer and the employee. 

60 NPS

Excellent customer satisfaction.


Right Match

We secure fit for both hard skills and soft skills.

Customer Success

Reduce costs & hire better


Clevry model

We put soft skills to work

Our scientifically designed model for achieving 85 % success with people at work. Designed by our own Dr Alan Redman, an internationally acclaimed British Psychological Society accredited organisational psychologist and soft skills expert.

Take our free introduction to soft skills course to understand how and why soft skills drive success at work.

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Learn how we helped one publicly listed Nordic company reduce employee turnover and increase productivity in customer service roles by creating a predictive recruiting profile.


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