Soft skills in recruitment & hiring

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 92% of HR professionals and recruiting supervisors believe that soft skills mean more than hard skills in recruitment.

While on the other hand, 89%, ofrespondentssaid that failed recruitments are often more about the lack of the right kind of soft skills.

Soft skills in recruitment - Clevry

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are different skills or abilities that can be classified as features of a person’s personality. These unique characteristics shape our behaviour and attitudes, as well as how we communicate, and interact withother people.

Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

Soft skills represent abilities, skills, and attributes that are connected to a personÂ’s personality. They are transferable skills, which means they are not tied to a specific job
task, but can be utilised across many different roles.

Hard skills, on the other hand, are skills and abilities acquired through study and experience.

Typical examples of hard skills are; abilities that are usually found in a CV, such as education, language skills, andIT skills.

Ultimate guide to soft skills hiring - Clevry

How do you measure Soft Skills?

An individualÂ’s soft skills are crucial to the way they work, but how do we go about measuring soft skills?

Psychometric assessments provide the basis for effective soft skills-based recruitment. They help recruiters identify the most suitable people for an open job,
significantly increase the probability of a successful
hire, and shorten the average time to hire.

By measuring personality traits that correlate with job performance for each role, candidates that are best placed to succeed can be effectively identified and placed in a role they are more likely to excel in.

Traditionally, psychometric assessments have only been used at the end of the recruitment process,and mainly in more demanding expert or managerial positions.

How Clevry can help?

At Clevry, we are experts in soft skills recruitment, and soft skills are at the heart of every recruitment process.

We measure job seekers Â’soft skills with psychometric personality questionnaires, situational judgement tests and cognitive ability tests to map candidatesÂ’ inherent strengths, work style, cultural suitability, and motivational factors.

This significantly increases the objectivity of the process and combined with the structured interview we get a good overview of the candidateÂ’s suitability for the position being applied to.

Ultimate guide to soft skills hiring - Clevry

Our highly flexible assessments platform allows organisations to easily measure the soft skills of a candidate or employee for development or recruitment purposes.

Generate a range of insightful reports including personality insights, onboarding tips, strategic interview questions to ask candidates, leadership potential, team strengths and more.

If you would like to find out more or book a quick online demo then please visit our contact us page and speak to one of the team.


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