Onboarding stats & trends 2022

In today’s fast paced world, good recruitment involves more than just selecting the right candidate. Today, hiring intelligently means having a recruitment process that goes beyond selection.

Onboarding stats 2022 - Clevry

If you’re not providing your new hires with a thorough onboarding process, then your new staff will be left floundering, feeling disengaged, overwhelmed and often looking for an early resignation.

Here we take a look at some of the key onboarding stats and trends to consider this year and beyond…

Onboarding stats 2022

  • Only 12% of employees believe their organisation does a great job at onboarding new hires (Gallup)

  • 88% of businesses don’t do onboarding well (Sapling HR, 2021)

  • 25% of of companies admitted that thor onboarding process doesn’t contain any form of training (Enboarder)

  • 93% of new hires said that their onboarding process would determine whether they would stay at the company (Sweetwork)

  • 77% of employees who went through a formal onboarding process achieved their KPIs (Urbanbound)

  • One study found that a strong onboarding process can help companies retain upto 60% of their staff over a 4 year period (TMF)

  • Companies with a structured onboarding process saw a 60% year-on-year improvement in revenue (NorthPass)

  • 61% of new employees don’t receive any training on company culture (SHRM)

  • Only 37% of companies extend their onboarding beyond the first month of employment (SHRM)

  • 73% of HR professionals time is spent on administrative tasks (NorthPass)

  • 41% of HR professionals said they will adopt some form of automation to improve their onboarding processes within the next 6-12 months (Leena)

  • 34% of staff turnover occurs among first-year employees (Toolbox)

  • New team member productivity is around 25% during the first 30 days of employment (Sapling HR, 2021)

  • The average cost of onboarding an employee in the US is $1830 (Leena)

  • Large organisations in the US have to deal with a 16% attrition rate within the first 6 months (Leena)

  • 42% of employees are more productive when they have access to a proper onboarding process (Careerbuilder)

  • 53% of HR professionals agree that employee engagement improves when onboarding is done properly (Sprout Social)

  • New employees are 2x more likely to look elsewhere if they have a negative onboarding experience (NorthPass)
  • According to HR experts, new employees must complete an average of 54 activities for onboarding purposes. A new hire is typically assigned 41 administrative tasks and three documents to complete. In addition, they must meet 10 outcomes. (Sapling HR, 2021)
  • The buddy program is used by 47% of businesses to onboard new workers. (Sapling HR, 2021)
  • Replacing an employee costs between 16 – 20% of that employees salary (TechJury)
  • Employees who felt they had a highly effective onboarding process were 18 times more likely to feel highly committed to their employer (Enboarder)

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