Case Study


Clevry helped Maillefer towards more objective recruitment

Maillefer is the global leader in wire, cable, pipe and tube production technologies, employing over 200 people in Finland.


Maillefer wanted to improve the objectivity of the recruitment process, get help for identifying the right talent, and bring concrete everyday tools to line managers to support the recruitment process. HR Director Anne Sola was already familiar with Clevry’s assessment platform, having used it with her former employer, so the choice was ultimately easy. “I feel that Clevry offers a cost-effective assessment tool that is easy to use and implement,” says Sola.

Strong support for the selection process

HR is involved in all of Maillefer’s recruitment processes to support the line managers and often takes part in the interviews. “Psychometric tests support our recruitment processes and help make data-driven hiring decisions,” says Sola.

“Psychometric tests support our recruitment processes and help make data-driven hiring decisions.”

“Personality assessment  results give a good indication of the applicant’s working style, behaviours and motivations and help to see clearer differences between the candidates,” she continues. Sola sees that the results of the comparison report provide strong support for the final decision among the top candidates. “Based on the results, it’s easier to see which applicants would best suit a particular role and who would balance the team best”.

The interviewer report is an excellent tool, and the line managers at Maillefer feel that it has added a lot of value to the interviews. “It helps when you can ask individual interview questions based on the personality profile of each candidate. You get deeper insights when you have something more concrete to work on in the interview,” says Sola.

“Some line managers are more experienced than others, and the Interview report serves as a good guideline in the interview, she continues.

“The onboarding report offers support during the onboarding phase of new hires, and the personal feedback report is a valuable addition for all the candidates. I am happy to have feedback discussions with candidates, and we encourage our candidates to always get in touch if there is something they are wondering about in the assessment results. It is easy to discuss based on the feedback report if something has remained unclear and to get additional information about a certain area if necessary,” says Sola.


Dreaming of completely objective and anonymous recruitment

Some applicants are more nervous about interviews than others, which can lead to the person being unable to be at their best in the interview. “One of the important reasons for introducing psychometric tests was that we wanted to ensure impartial interviews for all candidates,” says Sola.

“My dream would be to eliminate all unconscious biases from the recruitment process and achieve complete objectivity in recruitment,” Sola says. “This is, of course, a big challenge, and whenever people are involved in the process, it is prone to at least some kind of bias,” she adds. Whether we like it or not, unconscious bias affects all human decision-making, and recruitment is no exception. “All external factors and biases cannot be completely eliminated with recruitment tools, but psychometric tests are a big step towards more objective and responsible recruitment”, Sola states.

“All external factors and biases cannot be completely eliminated with recruitment tools, but psychometric tests are a big step towards more objective and responsible recruitment.”

Anne and the team at Maillefer have felt that Clevry’s assessments have significantly added value to the recruitment process and helped to make better, data-driven hiring decisions. “The platform and the reports are easy to use and, depending on your own needs; you can delve into other features on the platform, such as tailoring your personality assessments on the platform. I can warmly recommend the Clevry platform as an assessment tool for candidates,” Sola concludes.