Why use Situational Judgement Tests in your recruitment?

Situational Judgement Tests are a type of psychometric assessmentthat measures how candidates respond to a variety of different situations at work. Test takers are presented with a range of hypothetical workplace scenarios and are then asked to identify the responses that would be most and least effective.

So just what is an SJT? And why should you be using them in your recruitment?

Using situational judgement tests in recruitment

What is a Situational Judgement Test?

A Situational Judgement Test (aka SJT or behavioural assessment) is a type of psychometric testthat measures how an individual reacts to different situations at work. These behavioural tendencies can be used to predict job performance and make better hiring decisions.

Things to know about SJT’s:

– Can be made bespoke for specific companies and job roles.

– Generally used for recruitment rather than development purposes.

– Test takers are presented with hypothetical workplace scenariosand different possible responses.They are then asked to identify the response that would be themost and least effective.Includegamified elements, improving the candidate experience

Why use a Situational Judgement Test in recruitment?

  • You can assess perception of a situation, critical thinking, flexibility, customer service, decision making, judgement, communicationandprioritisation.

  • They have high face validity and job relevance, giving a realistic job preview to improve employee retention. They’re alsoappropriate for all candidates regardless of previous work experience.

  • Able to include employer brandingand tone of voice as well as mapping directly onto your organisation’s framework of key values.

  • Can assess whether candidates posses the skills required for your job specification and directly assess job relevant behaviours.

  • They arerigorously developed, using an array of job analysis methods such as interviews, observations and focus groups.

How to leverage SJT’s in your recruiting?

The Clevry assessment platform contains a range of off-the-shelf SJT solutions that will help improve your recruitment of candidates, including:

  • Graduate/managerial level and leadership focusedoff-the-shelf assessmentsas well as Recruiter, Contact Centre, Healthcare & Retail.

  • We can develop highly flexible & fully bespoke SJTs in which the job based scenarios can be made specific to your company, as well as matching its culture and values.

  • The tests produce a competency based profile report.This summarises results, indicates strengths and areas to develop as well as suggesting interview questions.

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