What is an Onboarding Report?

How can I get the most from my team?
How can I raise the productivity of my team?
Why is my team suffering from poor levels of engagement?
How can I make sure new hires are engaged so they hit the ground running?
How can I better understand my team members so I can better motivate them to live up to their potential at work?

If you regularly think about any of the above questions then we have the perfect tool to help! Understand what makes your team members tick and get the most from your new hires with the Clevry Onboarding Report.

What is an Onboarding Report?

The Clevry Onboarding Report helps internal managers (and recruiters) to identify the work-based personality traits, strengths and motivations of your team members, while also providing tips and guidance on how to get the best out of each individual.

Our solution utilises an easy-to-use, strength-based work personality questionnaire to generate an in-depth report on each respondent.
The insights gained from the report can be used by managers to learn more about your team members, their motivations, the tasks they find most rewarding and how they prefer to interact with others.

Once you know your team members individual needs you can then individually tailor your management style to appeal to each individual, their values, and their motivational drivers.


How does the Onboarding Report work?

Step 1: Login

Login to the Clevry platform to generate your unique campaign link, then send the link to your team members.

Step 2: Assess

Ask your current and/or new team members to complete a quick online personality assessment (15-20 min.). The platform will then notify you once a colleague has completed their assessment.

Step 3: Results

Login to My.Clevry and view your colleagues onboarding reports.

Step 4: Training, support & development

Use the Onboarding Report to help identify the needs and motivational drivers of your colleagues and provide them with tailored, ongoing support and development

Onboarding 4

How our Onboarding Report can help

Better relationships

Between managers and individual team members.

Better working environment

Where employees feel like the business cares about their development.

Improve productivity

Motivate your team members with a management approach tailored to each individual.

Powerful insights

Into employees own performance, drivers and motivations.

Powerful insights

Into employees own performance, drivers and motivations.

Seamless onboarding of new hires

Your new hires can start in their new roles feeling wanted and engaged with the business, meaning they can hit the ground running.

Clearer expectations

Employees have clearer expectations around what is expected of them from the very beginning of their employment.

Helps reduce staff attrition

Happy employees generally stay with the company longer and are more productive.

Reduced recruitment costs

Regular churn of employees means significantly higher recruitment costs compared to when people stay in their role for a longer period.

Want to know more?

Want to know more? Please drop us a message to speak to one of the team who will be happy to assist.
If you are interested in find out more about onboarding such as what is onboarding, improving your onboarding process or virtual onboarding then please head over to our blog for more information.


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