What are my strengths at work?

Want to find out what your strengths at work are?

Take our free personality test and find your work strengths now.

Personality counts at work, but articulating your own personality traits, your strengths and motivational factors may not always be easy when applying to a job.

Whether you’re currently in the process of applying for a new job, or just interested in finding out your work strengths, we can help…

We’re giving everyone the opportunity to take one of our personality assessments, free of charge, to help you dig deeper in your personality at work and to support your self-development, future career choices and ultimately help bring you joy at work.

Taking a personality questionnaire is a great way to reflect on your soft skills and motivational drivers, while also helping to identify your key strengths and areas for further development.

Being more aware about what drives you as a person and knowing where your personal strengths lay, will help you a great deal in your job search and progressing your career more generally.

If you’re interested in finding out more, take our personality assessment by following the link below and find out your strengths.

Taking the assessment will take about 12 minutes and when you’re done, we’ll send you a personal feedback report which is a great tool for self-development and will help you better articulate your strengths in your job search. The report can also support you in future career choices.

Note: Clevry personality assessments are based on rational model and measure distinct elements of personality traits, not broad domains (types).

Find your personality at work: Take our free personality test


What are my strengths at work? - Free work strengths quiz



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