5 tips for recruiting during rapid business growth

While rapid business growth sounds like a dream come true, for many businesses, it can, and often does come with its own set of problems. Scaling headcount rapidly is often accompanied with the need for recruitment processes which support that growth. Clevry can help recruiters & HR teams keep up with their growth in a number of ways:

Structuring your recruitment process

For most companies a recruitment process will begin once a specific need has been identified and will generally continue until the new employee has been hired and then properly onboarded (usually around 6 months after their initial start date).

For most companies a recruitment process will be built around the following 5 stages:
  • Identifying the need and defining role requirements
  • Attracting candidates
  • The selection phase
  • Hiring candidates
  • Onboarding new hires

At Clevry we can provide help and expertise for every stage of the recruitment process, from initial planning and identifying role specific needs to designing bespoke psychometric assessments, structuring interviews and supporting organisations in their ongoing learning and development.

Screening candidates efficiently

When combined with psychometric assessments, soft skills are one of the best predictors of job performance. Introducing them before the interview stage can help recruiters to increase the efficiency of recruitment and selection processes. Screening candidates effectively can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large volume of candidates to sift through. So how can screen candidates more effectively to ensure you’re hiring your top talent?

The Clevry assessment platform allows recruiters to easily access key insights into what drives job performance for different roles. By combining performance data with assessment results we can help recruiters to  generate powerfully predictive analytics and correlations that equate to higher job performance, meaning candidates can be screened efficiently and better hiring decisions made.

Saving time with ready-to-go assessments

We have a large library of ready-made psychometric assessments and cognitive ability tests that cover a range of roles and industries. Our off-the-shelf assessments provide a great way of quickly assessing candidates or internal employees for internal recruitment and/or development purposes.

Reducing employee attrition (with proper onboarding)

For most new hires a poor onboarding process can leave them feeling confused, undervalued and disengaged. Poor onboarding often plays a critical role in whether your staff will stay with the company long term, and whether they will be engaged enough to excel in the role.

Some of the costs associated with poor onboarding can be significant:

  • Turnover rates of 50% in first 18 months of employment
  • Replacing lost employees costs between 30-50% of annual salary

The flip side of this is that by implementing a simple and well thought and  structured onboarding process, new hires can quickly reach their full productive potential. Companies that take onboarding seriously often observe incredibly positive changes:

  • Employees are 58% more likely to be with the organisation 3 years later
  • Employees were 54% more engaged in their roles
  • Employees gained full proficiency 4 months faster
  • 75% of employees reported strong sense of loyalty to organisation

Provide ongoing training and development

For many businesses ongoing training and development of employees is often more of an afterthought, where companies will only invest whatever remaining budget they have left. By taking learning and development seriously companies can retain staff for longer, while the ones who do stay can deliver improved performance over time.

Ultimately, hiring new people is expensive in both time and money, and it is often far more efficient to upskill and empower your existing workforce than constantly having to bring in new people.

At Clevry we offer a range of developmental assessments so you can train your current employees to do a better job, rather than putting time into re-hiring new people.  

Isn’t it time that your company gets the tools to hire the best?

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