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Skills based assessments can play a key role in the recruitment process, offering valuable insights into a candidate’s skills and personality. However, it is important to recognise that not all tests on the market are scientifically sound. In this article, we will look at a few key aspects to consider when selecting psychometric tests and highlight the benefits they bring to the recruitment process.

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Testing for skills and personality

The two most common types of tests for skills assessments are cognitive ability tests and personality questionnaires. Ability tests assess a candidate’s critical thinking and cognitive ability in a work context, while personality questionnaires examine behaviours and preferences related to work. If you want a scientifically valid assessment and selection process then it is essential to avoid tests that lack scientific evidence since they may not have the predictive validity necessary to measure future work performance.

Warning signs!

No BPS Accreditation:

A BPS accreditation is an official quality mark that certifies that the tests meet strict requirements proving that they measure what they say they measure and that they provide an accurate indication of the candidate’s future work performance.

Too vague:

A test must be clear and not intended to deceive the candidate in any way. Tests that are unclearly designed are often more ambiguous and open to interpretation. Then the risk is that the result does not measure what the test intends to measure.

Irrelevant questions:

Tests that consist of questions should be about a candidate’s behaviours and preferences connected to working life. The questionnaire should not touch the person’s private life or find out information that is not essential for an employer to know about.

Vague results:

If the test generates a report where only a small amount of information feels relevant to you to know, you can assume the test is flawed. Such an outcome may be based on general claims to compensate for the fact that there is no deeper information available from the test result.

How Clevry works with tests

We have worked for over 30 years developing psychometric tests and insights reports for recruitment and development. All our assessments are developed by psychologists and are based on empirical research. The tests are easy to use, work-related and measure what they are intended to measure, meaning recruiters can more easily make better hiring decisions. 

A recruitment process that includes psychometric assessments should then be combined with a well-designed selection process and structured interviews to help lay a good foundation for a successful match between candidate and employer.

In our Graduates at Work Report, we found that 79% of respondents actually preferred a recruitment process that includes psychometric tests (vs those that don’t), and the majority prefers an application approach that combines psychometric tests with other selection methods. 

Test for skills assessment benefits


With faster, better selection and reduced risk of wrong recruitment


Easier to predict whether a candidate will be a good skills and culture fit for your company and be successful in their role.  


Provides a more objective way of assessing soft skills and selecting candidates rather than just relying on career history and a recruiter’s gut feeling.

Psychometric assessments offer numerous benefits to the recruitment process. They provide a cost-effective means of selecting candidates, reduce the risk of wrong recruitment, and enable the prediction of a candidate’s skills and cultural fit. Furthermore, they introduce objectivity into the assessment and selection process, surpassing the reliance on career history and gut feelings of recruiters.

As indicated by our Graduates at Work Report report, the majority of respondents preferred a recruitment process that incorporated some form of psychometric test, demonstrating their efficacy and acceptance among job seekers. By leveraging the power of psychometric assessments, organisations can elevate their recruitment strategies and pave the way for more successful hires.

View the output from Clevry assessments by downloading sample reports below.


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