Are you a virtual worker, or just virtually working?

WFH? WTF! It’s a time of unprecedented change. Organisations in the UK and beyond are moving at pace to align with government recommendations and digitise their working environments.

Virtual worker or just virtually working

For some, this might be a small adjustment, and for others, this could be a complete overhaul and rethink of the way they work. Regardless, we are sure almost all organisations will be feeling the impact in some way, and learning to adapt.

Despite the challenges, we believe this is a time in which people’s true strengths can rise to the surface, as they try to embrace this new way of working. As human beings, we are all unique, meaning there will be a multitude of different responses and styles of approach we will bring to working in a virtual way.

Based on our experience and reflections, we have come up with four key virtual working styles you might adopt, dependent on your personal strengths:

The opportunity creator: Adaptability Strength

This individual puts a positive spin on just about everything, shining a light on the potential opportunities that this new way of working could create for the business, and actively looking for innovative ways to adjust.

They are energised by the opportunity to be creative, to embrace this new work environment, solve problems, and initiate effective change.

The lone wolf: Autonomy Strength

This individual will be loving the opportunity for some peace, quiet and solace. The more isolated aspect of digital working is not an issue for them, as they are more than happy with their own company.

They are likely to have a low need for reassurance, praise or social interaction, and are able to work in a self-sufficient and autonomous way.

The takes-it-in-their strider: Confidence Strength

The unflappable type, this individual takes change in their stride, and will be happy to lead with confidence through these times. Their inherent self-belief means they feel ready and able to embrace this new work environment.

They are likely to feel confident and self-assured in their ability to work independently, and take decisions and actions into their own hands.

The planner extraordinaire: Self-management Strength

These focused, thorough and conscientious individuals can be highly trusted to maintain a rigorous approach to their work. Comfortable and effective in managing their own time, their high work ethic means standards do not slip. Despite the endless potential for distractions, these individuals remain focused and organised, planning their days out to keep them on track with their goals, and maintaining a routine.

Running a virtual assessment centre

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