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Virtual assessment centre - Eval

Time to take your assessment centres digital.

Virtual assessment centre software

eVal is our award winning virtual assessment centre platform that brings your assessment centres into the 21st century. 

Built for ease-of-use by utilising an engaging ipad interface, eVal benefits both candidates and assessors alike by eliminating paper evaluation forms from the assessment process, saving you valuable time and resource, meaning you can focus on the tasks that really matter. 

Video interviews

Interview your candidates virtually with pre-recorded video interviews. Simply set your questions and let the platform do the rest.  

Integrates easily

Clevry easily integrates with a range of different ATS providers for a more seamless candidate experience.

Fully bespoke

We take a collaborative approach to bespoke assessment design, working with you to first understand your role requirements and then creating tools based on a range of job analysis techniques. 

Paperless Assessments

Eliminates paper assessment forms from the assessment centre exercises and helps save the planet in the process.

Automated Feedback

The system automatically provides candidates with a feedback report on the day showing the outcomes of their personality questionnaire. 

Secure & GDPR Compliant

We are ISO 27001 certified, meaning our data handling and storage policies, processes, and procedures meet the highest industry standards. 


Before the Assessment

Use the Eval platform to create virtual assessment centres across individual or group exercises and manage everything you need to create a seamless experience for both assessors and candidates.

During the Assessment

On the day of assessment, while facilitating the assessment centres, assessors will be able to use Eval to lead candidates through their assessment centre itinerary and record their notes and observations about candidates in real time.

After the Assessment

Assessors can use Eval to organise and compare candidate scores and comments from the assessment centre day, creating more effective wash-up grids to provide a more rigorous method of selection.






There is much to be gained from transitioning away from traditional paper based assessments and making your assessment centres digital.

  • Increases candidate success rate 
  • Reduces the need for physical assessment centres 
  • Minimises assessor workload & errors
  • Paperless assessments helps the environment by reducing print wastage 
  • Corrects for human bias
  • More engaging candidate experience
  • Hire better people faster
Why use a virtual assessment centre


See how eVal Virtual Assessment Centres saved Centrica over £25,000 in resource cost alone annually, and allowed them to reduce the number of physical assessment centres by 50%

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Virtual assessment centre software case study

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