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Digital Workforce

Effective BDR Recruitment for Global Automation Sector.

Digital Workforce is one of the leading global providers of Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services. They provide services across various industries, and today, over 250 large global customers use Digital Workforce’s services to transform their businesses with business process automation.

The Challenge

Digital Workforce was looking for a new Business Development Representative (BDR) for the Finnish and Swedish markets, a role critical for further growth in the regions. Digital Workforce sought a partner who could understand their need for a candidate with the right soft skills and who could thrive within its fast-paced, growth-focused company culture.

They came to Clevry for this hire, drawn by our data-driven, soft skills-centric approach in recruitment.

“The position required a bilingual candidate capable of quickly understanding our product and business environment, which narrowed the pool of potential applicants,” explains Berry Van Leijen, BDR & Sales Operations Manager at Digital Workforce.


What were the critical requirements for the new BDR at Digital Workforce?

“We are a growth company with quite a complex product, so we wanted someone with the right mindset and comfort working in changing situations,” says Van Leijen.

“We were looking for someone with some sales experience, but most of all, someone with strong soft skills and a great cultural fit. Resilience, grit, good listening skills and learning agility were among the critical competencies we were looking for.”

Learning agility and good interpersonal skills are key to success in a BDR role at Digital Workforce. “You need to be able to absorb complex information quickly, have discussions with directors and C-level people and convey the benefits of our solution”, says Van Leijen.


How did you experience the recruitment process with Clevry?

Clevry’s recruitment process involved comprehensive psychometric assessments for all candidates, which were instrumental in identifying the right candidate with high cognitive ability and a strong personality fit. “The chosen candidate scored high on cognitive ability tests, which was a good indication of a high-potential candidate”, says Van Leijen.

Personality assessment results were job-matched to the specific traits Digital Workforce was looking for in a candidate. “It was really helpful that we could see the traits where the candidate scored high and delve into the areas where the candidate scored lower in the interview to clear out any concerns”, Van Leijen explains.

“Clevry’s hiring manager module was a great addition to the process. I could view all the candidate profiles, including their background, assessment results, and CV info on the module and compare the candidates easily. Another aspect I want to highlight is Clevry’s customer status report, which gave me a transparent view of all the activities done by the recruiters and the sourcing team during the process”.


Final Thoughts

The recruitment process led to a successful hire despite a lower number of initial applicants, thanks to targeted headhunting by the sourcing team and thorough candidate evaluations. Opting for staffing solutions from Clevry provided Digital Workforce with flexibility and a risk-free approach to hiring.

“Our new Business Development Representative has quickly proven to be an excellent addition to our team. They are a fast learner and a perfect fit for our culture, and they have demonstrated their effectiveness by securing bookings early on. Overall, we are very satisfied with the recruitment process with Clevry and look forward to future collaborations,” Van Leijen concludes.

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