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Hiring Manager Portal

Break free from the confines of traditional ATS systems that cater primarily only to recruiters. Elevate the recruitment experience for your hiring managers with a visual, intuitive, and science-driven approach. An integrated component of our Skills-First ATS designed with the hiring manager in mind.

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Empower manager-led recruitment

Unique Manager Experience

Experience a dedicated portal, meticulously designed for hiring managers. This hub narrows down to their unique recruitment processes, spotlighting candidates—be they shortlisted or longlisted—presented by the recruiter. 

In-depth Candidate Insights

Dive deep with visual candidate cards. Each card presents a blend of soft and hard skills, integrated assessment outcomes, and tailored interview tips—making every managerial decision informed and effective. 

Effortless Communication

Foster a seamless synergy between the recruiter and the hiring manager. With built-in communication tools, clarity is maintained, and collaborations are enhanced. 

Cross-functional Candidate Sharing

Streamline your recruitment by sharing candidates across different functions or managers. This integrated feature ensures the right talent reaches the right department, optimizing the hiring process. 

Tools at your Fingertips

Manager-Centric Portal with Seamless Access

Dive into a tailored experience designed exclusively for hiring managers. Grant managers their own personalized access to the recruitment projects relevant to them, allowing them to oversee one or multiple recruitment processes with ease. Whether it's sharing candidates between departments or ensuring smooth collaboration, this portal bridges the gap between recruiters and hiring managers effectively.


Integrated, yet Distinct Experience

The Hiring Manager Hub, while being an intrinsic component of our Skills-First ATS, retains its unique identity. It’s designed to provide managers with a pure recruitment focus, devoid of any distractions. Every manager activity syncs in real-time with the ATS, notifying recruiters and ensuring that the hiring process remains a harmonious, coordinated dance between all stakeholders. 

Engaging Candidate Presentations

Experience a revolution in candidate overviews with our unique visual candidate cards. These cards not only offer a comprehensive glance at both soft and hard skills but also embed assessment results right within, providing unprecedented insights. Managers can delve deep into individual profiles, view tailored interview tips based on candidate assessments, and even opt for anonymous presentations to champion unbiased hiring.

Tailored & Interactive Features

More than just a viewing tool, the Hiring Manager Hub empowers managers with actionable features. From scheduling interviews and shortlisting top talent to direct communication with recruiters, managers have all they need at their fingertips. Customizable candidate views ensure that managers have access to the most pertinent data, sculpting a recruitment experience that’s as efficient as it is informative. 

Dive into the Future of Hiring

Transform your hiring process, placing hiring managers at the forefront. Activate the Hiring Manager Hub and experience the shift to a more efficient, transparent, and science-backed recruitment journey.
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