Recruitment Hub

Overwhelmed by resumes? Simplify with Clevry. Our tools help you cut through the clutter, spotlighting candidates with the soft skills to thrive in your team.

For hiring managers, our Portal offers a selection of vetted talent ready to make an impact. Quick, clear communication with recruiters means you focus on what matters—building a stellar team.


Skills-First ATS

Clevry's Skills-First ATS provides precise candidate-job matching based on skills and competencies, simplifying the hiring process. In a crowded market, our ATS not only matches resumes to roles but also considers aspirations, cultural fit, and business needs. This ensures you hire individuals custom-fit for your roles, promoting team unity and business growth.

Hiring Manager Portal

Elevate the recruitment experience for your hiring managers with a visual, intuitive, and science-driven approach. An integrated component of our Skills-First ATS designed with the hiring manager in mind. The portal narrows down to their unique recruitment processes, spotlighting candidates—be they shortlisted or longlisted—presented by the recruiter.

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