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Customer service representatives are on the front lines of your business every day. It is a critical role, and the quality of your customer service impacts the bottom line. However, hiring for customer service roles is a challenging task. Employee turnover is high, and screening and identifying top-performing representatives with traditional recruitment methods is ineffective. Our customer service assessments are purpose-built to identify the most suitable candidates quickly and accurately when hiring for roles within customer service, such as Customer service advisors, Customer support representatives and other customer service roles.

Tests for customer service role

Clevry offers a full suite of assessments for your hiring needs with a best-in-class user and candidate experience. Use our scientific assessments to identify the best candidates. Measure the critical attributes in customer service roles, such as resilience, caring attitude, culture fit, motivations, numerical and verbal reasoning and attention to detail to identify top candidates and potential red flags.

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Customer service role personality questionnaire

Hiring the right customer service representatives is critical for any business. Our customer service personality questionnaire is built on role-specific research and real performance data on which personality traits and behaviours predict performance in customer service roles. See the success traits on the right.

View the output from our Customer Service assessment by downloading a sample report below.

Ability to put customers first, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Poised
  • Approachable
  • Adaptable
  • Listening
  • Humour

Dedication to customers with the goal of surpassing their expectations.

  • Rigorous
  • Tenacious
  • Decisive
  • Striving
  • Order

Resilience and positivity when faced with difficult situations and learning from experiences.

  • Calm
  • Resilient
  • Internal control
  • Optimistic

Customer service role situational judgement test

A situational judgement test provides employers with valuable insights into candidates’ decision-making styles whilst offering the candidates a realistic job preview. Our customer service SJT measures candidates' judgement and reasoning approach across a range of situations typical for a customer service role. For example, what candidates deem the most appropriate response to a customer they are having trouble understanding when on the phone. These situations measure competencies critical to effective performance in a Customer service role. See the competencies measured in this assessment on the right.

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The Customer Service competency assesses how well an individual can assist and advise a customer during and after a purchase.

The Resilience competency relates to an individuals ability to cope under pressure and remain calm and composed in difficult situations. It also considers their ability to recover quickly from difficulties or emotionally demanding situations.

The problem solving competency considers whether an individual can accurately assess a situation and quickly and effectively implement a solution.

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