What Makes an Ideal Channel Partner for Clevry?

If you’ve been in sales, you’ve probably heard of the ICP or Ideal Customer Profile. It’s basically a picture of your dream client. When we crafted our official Channel Partner program last fall, we asked ourselves the same question: what’s our dream Partner like?

Luckily, we had some history to guide us. Over the years, we’ve partnered with various organisations across different markets and geographies, some as resellers. Some partnerships soared, some stumbled. So, as we brainstormed, we had this wealth of experience to draw from.

Learnings along the way

We quickly realised that while having an Ideal Channel Partner profile was helpful in understanding who we could potentially partner with, it wasn’t the end-all-be-all. For a partnership to truly thrive, it needs to be mutually beneficial. It must create real client value and generate revenue that benefits us and our partner. So, while our Ideal Channel Partner profile gives us a good idea of who might be a great fit, it doesn’t mean we’d turn away someone who doesn’t fit it exactly. If you’re doing something different or just starting out and think you could resell Clevry, get in touch with us and let’s chat.

Who do we typically partner with?

Now, about that Ideal Channel Partner profile. When we look at past successful partners, we see some common traits. They’re often smaller consultancies, usually with a team of 2 to 20 people, focused on helping clients with their people processes. The founders are hands-on and deeply involved in their business and our partnership. This ensures alignment and prioritises the relationship. These consultancies already have clients who could benefit from our platform.

They often start by offering assessments as a service, using our platform, and then helping clients integrate it into their operations. This leads to recurring revenue, which is attractive for consultancies seeking revenue predictability.

Let’s clarify something: we’re not territorial about other assessment providers. If you already work with other assessments, that’s fine. Our partner contracts aren’t exclusive. In fact, companies experienced with other assessments often make great resellers for us because they understand the market and competition. They know how to position Clevry effectively and find us easy to work with.

While we’ve had great success with small HR consultancies, we’ve also had fruitful partnerships with large Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies. We’ve learned that what matters most to you isn’t fitting a specific profile but rather your desire to grow your business, learn new skills, and use top-notch technology to serve your clients. So, it’s less about your appearance or background and more about your soft skills, just like in recruitment.


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