Volume recruitment: strategies for managing high-volume hiring

What is volume recruitment?

As the name suggests, high-volume recruitment happens when organisations need to recruit a large number of staff, generally quickly. Companies that need to fill a large amount of job vacancies are typically:

  • Call centres
  • Factories
  • Retail hospitality and tourism companies during peak seasons
  • Rapidly expanding companies
  • Construction companies preparing for large projects

Due to the sheer number of people involved in the volume recruitment process, recruiters must set objectives, develop a solid recruitment plan, utilise various channels to attract new recruits and ensure every step, from choosing candidates to onboarding, runs smoothly. However, high-volume recruitment is a process that’s often easier said than done.  

Volume recruitment strategies

The typical challenges of high-volume recruitment

Inefficient screening

During calmer times, recruiters have the time and resources to efficiently screen candidates and carefully consider their application for the role. However, recruiting in volume is a fast-paced process and a whole different ball game. 

Talent acquisition teams still working with traditional manual processes during periods of volume recruitment can quickly see suitable candidates fall through the cracks and often don’t have time to send the candidate that all-important follow-up email. Over time, this can damage your company’s reputation. Job seekers always appreciate an email regarding their application, even if they’ve been rejected for the role.   

Wasted talent

If you focus too much on “efficiency” rather than substance, high-volume recruitment becomes like driving through a beautiful city so fast that you can’t take your eyes off the windscreen. You’re bound to miss some pretty outstanding things while telling yourself you’re making good time.

When it comes to volume recruitment, it’s a good idea to slow down and take a real look at what your environment has to offer. The perfect person might be right in front of you.

Poor candidate experience

A rushed recruitment process can make candidates feel underappreciated and frustrated. Candidate experience matters because it can change the way people view your company and brand. 
Research shows that over 60% of candidates share negative experiences with friends and family, and 35% will share their experiences online. This can have a devastating effect on your brand’s image. However, with Clevry, you can make volume recruitment easier and more successful.

Make volume recruitment a breeze with Clevry     

As the evidence shows, volume recruitment is often prone to high expenses, drawn-out procedures, below-average fill rates, and generally poorer performance. This is mainly due to both a lack of time and correct procedures in place to assist with hiring. 

But, we at Clevry help your volume recruitment efforts by providing a thorough study of your job roles and doing a deep dive into the inner workings of your company.After getting to know your company, we use a variety of cutting-edge psychometric tools to support and improve your high-volume hiring process. We then provide customised tests that are specially designed to find your ideal candidate. Clevry helps you make better hiring decisions faster and more efficiently with the following:

Personality questionnaires 

Clevry’s personality questionnaires assess and determine the candidates who are the best fit for the position. Our personality questionnaires take the stress out of volume recruitment and save time by quickly providing a well-rounded view of their personality and how well they will fit into the role. 

Cognitive ability tests

Clevry’s cognitive ability tests identify how well the candidate can do the job by measuring numerous cognitive skills, such as: 

These tests save you the time of asking probing questions to discover a potential new worker’s skills and provide you with evidence that your new recruit can excel at their role.

Bespoke situational judgement tests

If you require a more tailor-made test, we’ve got you covered. SJTs give you a good idea of how your new recruit will behave in their new role by asking them how they’d respond to hypothetical workplace situations. 

This test is especially useful during volume recruitment, as it offers a candidate a realistic preview of the role when your company might not have the time to offer them an in-depth view of the job they’ve applied for.


Onboarding is an important yet sometimes overlooked part of the recruitment process, especially when recruiting in volume. 

Our onboarding report is the result of candidates’ responses to a personality questionnaire and gives managers insights into preferred working methods, personal motivations and interpersonal skills. 

The report, conducted by Clevry, includes bespoke advice and is handed over to managers so they can quickly understand employee’s strengths, preferred working styles, and more to help their new employees get off to a good start.

The Bottom Line 

High-volume recruitment can be a stressful, fast-paced experience that leaves recruiters and companies vulnerable to making mistakes and even overlooking their ideal candidates. 

We at Clevry can take the pressure off everyone involved with expertly designed assessments for volume recruitment. Our assessment platform makes volume recruitment easier, more efficient, makes managing candidates more effective, finds suitable matches for roles and company culture and saves recruiters from wasting time on manual sifting and selection. 

What’s more, we also provide direct recruitment services. Our large team of experienced recruiters and consultants can conduct the entire recruitment process in-house from end-to-end, making volume recruitment quick, effective and painless, contact the team using the form below for more information.  


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