Assessing leadership roles

What is leadership assessment?

A leadership assessment is a type of psychometric test for business leaders and high-level executives. Leadership recruitment assessments are generally used when a business needs to recruit high-level employees into the organisation, usually management positions upwards.

Assessing leadership roles at work - clevry

The downside of hiring the wrong business leader

The risks from making a poor hiring decision at this level increase exponentially when you start recruiting for senior management positions.

As the risks of hiring at this level are so significant to the business, it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to ensure you are properly assessing your future business leaders to be certain of their suitability for leadership roles within your company.

Challenges in Leadership Recruitment:

  • Ensuring candidates for leadership roles are able to handle the pressure/responsibility of the position

  • Finding candidates with enough experience for the role

  • Finding leaders who live and breathe your company values

  • Reducing churn rate on initial hire

  • Providing a positive candidate experience

  • Eliminating human bias in the hiring process

Assessing your business leaders

Generally speaking most businesses want a leader who is able to demonstrate a higher level of capability across a range of areas when compared to their other colleagues.

Clevryleadership assessments help you measure a range of leadership qualities including:

  • Ability

  • Capability

  • Strategic vision

  • Tenacity

  • Strategic awareness

  • Values

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Learning agility

  • Influence

Why use Clevry for leadership assessments?

Benchmark against the best

All our soft skills assessments provide results that are bench marked against industry norms:

Reduce average cost per hire

Clevry helps automate much of your assessment process, meaning you save time, money and manpower.

Improve the perception of your brand

By providing a seamless candidate journey that leaves a lasting impression on your candidates.

Appeal to digitally savvy candidates

Mobile responsive assessments appeal to digitally savvy candidates and bring your recruitment process into the 21st century.

Psychometrically rigorous assessments

Allowing you to better predict the success of your candidates and only put forward the best.

Easy ATS integrations

Clevry integrates with the majority of ATS providers allowing you to easily track the progress of candidates across platforms.

Safe, Secure & Compliant

Fully compliant with GDPR and ISO Certified.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you better assess your business leaders then please visit our Leadership Assessments and Leadership Report pages, or get in touch and one of the team will be happy to assist you.


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