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Switching from outsourced assessment services to cost-efficient in-house platform.

Rexel Finland is a leading electricity wholesaler whose stores and expert staff serve customers all over Finland.


Kirsi Kääriä started at Rexel as a Recruiting Manager at the end of 2017. At that time, all candidate assessments in recruitment were carried out by an external partner. Kirsi had previous experience conducting psychometric assessments, so she felt that the assessments could be done more cost-efficiently in-house instead of using an external partner in the future.

Rexel case study

From outsourcing to in-house assessments

After moving away from using the external partner, Rexel started using an assessment platform, which was switched to Clevry’s platform after about a year. “The ease of use was the main reason to switch to the Clevry platform,” says Kääria. “According to my experience, there are no huge differences between the assessments themselves with different vendors, so the user experience for both us as an employer and also for the candidates filling out the assessments was the deciding factor”, she continues.

“The ease of use was the main reason to switch to the Clevry platform.”

Three people were involved in the user training of the Clevry platform, but Kirsi is the primary user at Rexel. “My first impression of the platform was that it is straightforward to use and quick to implement”, Kääria recalls. “We have been really satisfied with Clevry’s platform, and in general, the platform solution works well for us as a very cost-effective solution compared to outsourced assessment services”, Kääria says.


Better hiring decisions

Utilising   psychometric assessments  in the recruitment process brings many benefits. “The assessments offer a more in-depth view of candidates, their work personality, behaviours and cognitive abilities. These can then be mirrored in relation to the requirements of the job role to identify the right candidate for the job”, says Kääria. “The assessments are usually very accurate, and the perception about the candidate during the interview supports the results of the assessments well and gives confidence in the hiring decisions,” she continues.

Among the platform features, Kääriä highlights the comparison of applicants and the possibility of reviewing people they have already hired. “The platform has many good features, but I think one of the most useful ones is the comparison of applicants. I can easily compare applicants directly on the platform without downloading separate reports. Secondly, I would raise the possibility of combining performance data with assessment results. It’s great that the platform allows you to review people we have already hired. This way, we can benchmark candidates in the future and identify the candidate profile we are looking for in different roles”, Kääria says.

“It’s great that the platform allows you to review people we have already hired. This way, we can benchmark candidates in the future and identify the candidate profile we are looking for in different roles.”

Kääriä speaks highly of the   report selection  in the Clevry platform. “With one personality assessment, you can get a wide range of reports, and I can choose the ones that best support decision-making in our recruitment processes,” she says. “We are recruiting for many sales roles, and the sales report offers good support for the selection. The interview report is an excellent tool in an interview setting when you can tap into the candidate’s personality profile and ask individual interview questions based on their profile. The onboarding report is a good addition to the onboarding phase of new employees”, Kääriä says.

Kirsi is the primary user of the Clevry platform at Rexel, and for the time being, the hiring managers do not conduct many assessments independently. “They see the added value and look forward to the applicants’ results and reports. The line managers are very eager to see the results and reports and even ask about them if they don’t receive the reports after the interview”, laughs Kääria. “Previously, I had a debriefing discussion with the line managers, but after they got used to interpreting the results, sending a summary is enough. This is also more efficient in terms of time management,” she continues.


The candidate is king

The team at Rexel feels that the candidate experience of the Clevry assessments is excellent, and the assessments improve the candidate experience. “Completing a personality assessment is meaningful for the candidates, and they appreciate that the results are analysed with them. The candidates have the opportunity to comment and get feedback”, says Kääria. “Candidates feel that they also benefit from the assessments instead of just giving answers to Rexel in the recruitment process,” she continues.

“The Clevry platform has served us as a good tool for a more accurate evaluation of candidates during the recruitment process. The platform is easy to use, the reports are clear, and line managers and candidates like the assessments. I can recommend the Clevry platform as an assessment tool for more accurate hiring decisions.”

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