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Bespoke psychometric report design and delivery.

Bridging the gap between employers and people with a vulnerable position in the labour market with decisiveness and technology.

Reveal is a Dutch consultancy company that understands the labour market is rapidly changing. To keep up with it, and the need to be more inclusive and appreciate diversity in the workforce, their solution is to be a matching centre for candidates and companies. Like a recruitment firm but more tailored to specific needs and projects. 

Candidates complete assessments, then the scores are interpreted by Reveal’s Talent Consultants. Then Talent Coaches work with the candidate to develop their self awareness and get a good idea of what industries and roles may be a good fit for them. Then they match them with companies in their client bank who are looking for staffing.  

Reveal case study


Reveal has a governmental client that focuses on Defence. There are new laws in place in the Netherlands to support veterans to get back into the workforce, and are supported along that journey with streamlined access to healthcare, therapy and training services to support their move from the military to civilian life.  

Reveal were using a competitor for their psychometrics but they came to us, following talks with Clevry’s Head of Science & Technology, Dr. Alan Redman. The things that drew them to us were the bespoke nature of our assessments, our language translation capabilities and the in-house expertise from psychologists who could support and advise them as they go along. ¬†


Reveal wanted a bespoke psychometric report designed, which took around 2 months to plan, design, develop and test. The report wanted to show veterans what their personality was, and have a visual comparison of what the ideal personality profile was for specific industries.

The idea is that in a Coaching conversation, veterans will increase their self awareness through an exploration discussion and get to talking about what kind of industries they may be suited towards, what skills can be transferable from the military and into civilian working life. Then the veterans can be matched to specific jobs with the help of Reveal.   


Our Approach

  1. Scope Meetings:
    • Identified good practices across industries with a broad and country-specific approach.
  2. Discovery (3 Weeks):
    • Explored what “good” looks like across industries, considering the challenge of being both broad and country-specific.
  3. Design Scope:
    • Internally discussed with the development team and Reveal.
  4. Mock-ups:
    • Created visual representations of the report for a two-way discussion with Reveal in weekly meetings.
  5. Translations:
    • Ongoing translation support.
  6. Report Development:
    • Created a bespoke report, which took around 2 months from start to finish.
  7. Testing and Launch:
    • Thorough testing before launching the report.
    • Currently using the report with positive feedback from both Reveal and their governmental client in Defence.
  8. Phase 2:
    • Integration with Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
    • Development of new bespoke reports.
    • Empowering the client to edit and add new industry matchings independently.



  1. Positive Feedback:
    • Reveal and their client (Government Defence) provided very positive feedback on the current use of the report.
    • ¬†The project provided Clevry with the opportunity to collaborate with a startup aligned with a positive philosophy and commitment to supporting worthy causes.


Success Factors:

  1. Communication:
    • Open and frequent communication between Clevry and Reveal.
  2. Trust and Respect:
    • Mutual trust, respect, and knowledge sharing with the client.
  3. Push Back and Negotiation:
    • A healthy level of pushback and negotiation of resources.
  4. Focus on Science and Compliance:
    • Reveal’s emphasis on the science behind psychometrics and compliance with rules and regulations.
    • The British Psychological Society (BPS) qualification held by Clevry consultants was a significant factor.



The collaboration between Clevry and Reveal resulted in a highly successful project, providing valuable support to veterans transitioning to civilian life. The positive feedback and the opportunity to develop a marketable report algorithm demonstrate the project’s success, highlighting the importance of effective communication, trust, and a shared commitment to excellence and compliance.

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