Assessment Hub

Performance Insights

Why leave hiring to chance when you can use data and insights to drive decisions? With our Performance Hub, connect the dots between the role’s job performance metrics and candidate scores, giving you a clearer picture of the traits and abilities that truly matter for success in your organization.

Let data, and not luck, guide your hiring

Performance Mapping

Who performs well and why? Connect job performance indicators to assessments and recruitment processes to understand what good looks like.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage the power of data to understand and predict which personality traits and abilities contribute most to job performance within your specific roles and company culture.

Customize with Confidence:

Based on rich insights, tailor your future pre-employment assessments to home in on those traits that matter most for your business and roles, leading to better hiring outcomes and improved job performance.

Achieve Science-Based Recruitment Excellence

With the Performance Hub, your recruitment processes evolve, moving from generic hiring protocols to bespoke strategies that are aligned with your company’s and it’s roles unique needs and goals.

Features & Benefits

An integrated approach

The Performance Hub integrates effortlessly with your recruitment processes, providing a centralized platform for data input, correlations, insights and data-driven decisions.

Tailored assessments

As you gather more data, refine and tailor your assessments to be even more precise, ensuring that you’re always recruiting the best-fit candidates for your organization.

Continuous improvement

With every hiring cycle, your predictive accuracy improves, making your recruitment process smarter, sharper, and more effective.

Take Control of Your Hiring Journey

Stop relying on broad industry benchmarks or generic best practices. With our Performance Hub, harness the power of your own data to create the recruitment processes that’s uniquely optimized for success in your company.
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