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Make the most of 360 feedback within your organisation

360 Consulting

We can provide support and 360 feedback consulting to help your organisation make the most of our 360 feedback platform within your organisation.

360 Consulting & Advisory

Designing competency frameworks

Competency frameworks help you to identify the desirable behaviours for helping to make an organisation successful. A good competency framework can help your people to understand clearly what they need to do to contribute to this success.

At Clevry we have many years of experience in helping organisations develop or refresh their competency frameworks and then use them at the heart of their training and development initiatives.

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360 Consulting & Advisory

Facilitating 360 feedback

To ensure 360 degree feedback is understood by the recipient, it’s important that the report is shared in a sensitive and supportive way, as part of a facilitated discussion. This is critical in helping an individual understand and take on board the messages in the colleagues feedback.

Clevry’s business psychology team are highly experienced in facilitating feedback sessions and in helping individuals to make use of the feedback in their development plans.

Developed by psychologists and recruiters

Powerful 360 reporting

Our easy-to-interpret 360 feedback reports have been specifically designed for identifying strengths and performance trends for development planning. 360 Feedback Reports use attractive visuals to present the feedback collected in a way that easily accessible.

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