Why hire an apprentice?

During our many years in the recruitment business, a prevailing tendency has emerged where companies will often lean towards selecting younger talent, often favouring enthusiasm and fresh perspectives over seasoned experience. While not a universal rule, this trend is observable across various industries and positions, prompting a closer examination of the benefits of hiring apprentices.

Why hire an apprentice

Understanding talent in the context of work experience, spanning from novice to seasoned professionals, a large number of organisations recognise the strategic importance of hiring apprentices. With a wealth of expertise in recruiting and integrating individuals in various positions, we at Clevry encourage businesses to consider the numerous benefits that apprentices can bring to the workforce.

Hiring apprentices has become more than a nod to youth; it’s a deliberate investment in a dynamic and forward-thinking workforce.

5 Reasons to hire an apprentice

1) Experience vs. enthusiasm: 

Young apprentices can bring a contagious enthusiasm to the workplace, coupled with a quick aptitude for learning. Their lack of extensive experience is compensated by their eagerness to embrace new challenges. The energy they inject into the work environment can uplift the entire team, fostering a positive and innovative atmosphere.

2) New perspectives:

Many apprentices are recent graduates or nearing the completion of their studies. Armed with contemporary knowledge and a fresh outlook, they can help bridge the gap between theory and practice. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, their familiarity with the modern digital landscape and new technologies can be a valuable asset to a company seeking innovation and competitive advantage.

3) Constant desire to develop and grow:

Apprentices generally tend to exhibit a more driven approach to learning new soft skills. This desire to grow not only fuels innovation but also positions them as potential long-term assets for the company. By investing in the development of apprentices, businesses can cultivate a pipeline of skilled and loyal employees.

4) Motivation and dedication: 

The motivation of younger people generally extends beyond monetary incentives. A substantial number of people today value the meaningfulness of their work over a high salary (although this can change drastically depending on the current economic outlook of the country in question). This intrinsic motivation translates into dedication and a commitment to success. By providing the right support and opportunities, companies can transform these unpolished diamonds into seasoned professionals who contribute significantly to the company’s success.

5) Long-term investment: 

By offering apprentices support and avenues for personal development and career advancement, companies make a strategic investment in their future. Apprentices who find opportunities to grow within a company are more likely to become committed, long-term assets. This commitment not only benefits the individual apprentice but also contributes to the overall stability and success of the organisation.

In conclusion, the decision to hire apprentices is not just about embracing youth; it’s about harnessing untapped potential and infusing a spirit of continuous growth and innovation into the heart of a company. As the professional landscape evolves, so too should our approach to talent acquisition, recognising that apprenticeship programs are a catalyst for sustained success and growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can hire the best apprentices into your organisation then give us a call. Our recruitment team has years of experience in placing young experts in some of the largest companies in the world.


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