Leadership training for managers: how to build strong leaders

Why are leadership workshops important?  

Good business leaders are highly skilled, well-trained and outstanding in their field. But, like excellent athletes, business leaders must continue to train to maintain and sharpen their skills. Simply put, the American tennis player Jimmy Connors made a good point when he said, “use it or lose it.”

Leadership training for managers

As any good leader will tell you, poor leadership has negative effects on individuals and on the business as a whole. Leaders who don’t sharpen their skills might have a hard time inspiring confidence, often find building high-performing teams difficult, and can even dampen the collaborative spirit of their team.

Thankfully, leaders can keep themselves fighting fit by attending leadership workshops. Leadership training aids in the development of the abilities needed to inspire a team to achieve goals, encourage collaboration, and stimulate innovation. 

With the right training, leaders can learn how to communicate effectively, assign tasks, foster a healthy work atmosphere, establish goals, and devise strategies. Leadership training also provides constructive criticism and helps leaders understand how their decisions impact the performance of the team and the organisation as a whole.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into leadership training for managers and see how it builds strong leaders. 

What benefits do leadership workshops offer managers? 

Increased self-awareness

Understanding our strengths and weaknesses means we can utilise our strengths and build on our innate qualities and talents. Leadership workshops help managers identify any areas for improvement within their own unique management style and build up their skills. Research shows that when we see ourselves clearly, we make better decisions, form better relationships inside and outside the workplace, become more creative and confident, and ultimately become more effective leaders. 

Enhanced leadership skills

Even the best leaders benefit from learning real-world strategies that sharpen their existing talents. Enhancing a range of pre-existing management skills such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving techniques means managers become better performers, which in turn inspires their teams to be more productive and create a more positive environment in the workplace. 

When it comes to business, more positivity means more profits. Studies show that people working in negative, cut-throat business environments in the United States suffer from greater levels of stress, which the American Psychological Association estimates leads to a whopping 550 million workdays lost every year.

 Goal setting and action planning 

A good leadership program will help managers clarify their goals and develop a plan to enhance their leadership style going forward. Leadership programs aren’t just about building new skills. They are also there to encourage managers to reflect on their existing skills and to set specific, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals. Setting SMART goals helps leaders make continuous improvements and progress.

Improved decision making

All good leaders must be excellent decision-makers and are often required to quickly analyse and judge complex situations. Attending a leadership workshop gives managers the skills to quickly assess risks by gathering information to make informed decisions while considering its effect on the company and their colleagues.

Enhancing Decision-making skills such as problem-solving skills, analytical skills, organisational skills, and innovative thinking means you can handle problems and challenges with confidence and make a solid plan to overcome any issues that come your way.  

Leadership workshop

Networking and peer learning 

One of history’s greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln, once said, “A strong leader knows when to rely on others and is able to recognise the success of his team above his own.” Over 150 years later, leaders still know the value of having a great support network. That’s why every effective leadership workshop gives leaders a chance to connect with and learn from like-minded professionals from various backgrounds and industries. 

Another lesson we can learn from Honest Abe is the benefit of sharing ideas in a group setting and collaborating with a wide range of people to learn new perspectives and ways to tackle problems. Collaboration in leadership leads to increased productivity, engagement and innovation and decreased employee turnover.  

What’s included in a good leadership training program? 

Leadership programs should never be a few days of someone dictating what they personally believe what you should improve. Organisers of a good leadership program liaise with you and your team, listen to your needs and even check out your company’s dynamics. 

At Clevry, participants are asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire before the workshop even begins. This report helps participants get a better understanding of themselves to become better leaders. Leaning on our 30 years of recruitment experience, we at Clevry help you become the best leader you can be with:

  • A leadership icebreaker activity 
  • Sessions that focus on different styles of iconic leaders 
  • Sessions that help you understand your own strengths 
  • The Clevry leadership model, which explores leadership quadrants such as leading the way, leading people and leading yourself 
  • A session that explores your report to put your answers into action.

Highly experienced business psychologists facilitate the leadership workshop and empower leaders to go further with insights and strategies they can use in the real world. You and over twenty others can participate in the workshop both virtually and in person and take advantage of a full-day training program to upskill team members and share the skills to deliver the workshop through your organisation independently. 

The Bottom Line  

Even the best managers can benefit from leadership training. Leadership training programs enhance pre-existing skills, offer an opportunity to network with like-minded thinkers and help you sharpen your skills in leading people, leading tasks, leading the way and leading yourself.

If you’re interested in improving your leadership skills or the leadership skills of your team then get in touch using the form below, and one of the team will be happy to help.  


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