How can talent assessments help you hire better

There are several upsides to using talent assessments in your hiring process. The main benefit of using talent assessments is that they provide a more holistic view of a candidate than traditional methods, such as resumes and interviews. Assessments can also speed up the recruitment process by providing a more objective and efficient way to evaluate candidates.

But first, let’s define what talent assessments are exactly.

What is a talent assessment?

There are different types of talent assessments, but in short, they are tests used by employers to evaluate candidates’ skills, abilities and behaviours during the recruitment process to identify the right fit for the job. Talent assessments provide insights into candidates’ hard skills, such as technical knowledge or soft skills, i.e., personal attributes, cognitive abilities and motivational drivers.

Now that you know what talent assessments are, let’s look at some ways talent assessments can help your organisation hire better.

Look beyond the CV

Previous experience and educational background can only paint a partial picture of the candidate. Talent assessments help capture aspects of a person you cannot pick up from a CV.

CVs are also a significant source of bias. Details on a CV, such as a name, gender, picture and ethnic background, can create an unconscious bias (and sadly sometimes sheer discrimination) when deciding who to put to the next stage in the recruitment process.

Make informed hiring decisions

Talent assessments, such as personality questionnaires and ability tests, predict future job performance, offering a data-driven method of evaluating candidates. Assessment data combined with a structured interview helps you make informed hiring decisions and significantly reduces the risk of a bad hire. Making better hiring decisions will also help improve employee engagement and retention in the long run.

View the output from our assessments by downloading sample reports below.


Improve diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has been a hot topic in the world of work in recent years, and rightfully so. Employers are investing in DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) initiatives, which is not only good news for candidates but will also set companies up for success in the long term. A diverse workforce brings new perspectives, ideas and creativity, leading to increased innovation and improved problem-solving.

How can talent assessments help improve diversity and inclusion, then? Talent assessments provide objective data on candidates, helping to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. This allows employers to tap into a wider pool of candidates, including talent that might get disregarded using traditional screening methods. Identifying potential candidates from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills and experiences means organisations can build more inclusive teams and improve their performance.

Streamline the hiring process

In hiring, time is money. When you have a vacancy open, you want to fill it quickly. Every extra day a position remains open is lost in productivity, often leading to hasty hiring decisions and bad results. Talent assessments help speed up the recruitment process whilst ensuring quality by identifying the most qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. Screening a large number of applicants is resource-heavy, and assessments help reduce the effort. By quickly identifying the most qualified applicants, you can narrow down the pool of candidates and put only the most potential ones through to the next round.

Generating useful reports for the whole employee life cycle will streamline every step of the hiring process. Clevry’s interview report provides guidance and tailored interview questions for each candidate based on their personality profile. The Onboarding report helps you get the most out of your new hires once you’ve found the right match for the role. The report provides managers with tailored information on each new recruit, advising on how to maximise their potential and help them to hit the ground running.

What about the candidates?

Above, we’ve looked at some of the benefits talent assessments provide employers, but are there benefits for candidates too? There sure are. A great candidate experience is more important than ever in today’s candidate-driven market. Engaging assessments that provide value and feedback to candidates will ensure a best-in-class candidate experience.

When using psychometric tests in hiring, all candidate responses are compared to a large group of peers (a norm group) who have taken the same test before to see how their scores compare to others. This standardised method ensures all candidates are treated equally. Candidates respond positively to the face validity and fairness of the assessments, also contributing to a positive brand image. All the candidates taking a Clevry assessment gets a personal feedback report, which is a great tool for self-development and career planning, offering value to every candidate even if they aren’t selected.

View the output from our assessments by downloading sample reports below.


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