Talent Assessments

Easily assess the traits that matter.

Talent assessments backed by 30 years of scientific research. Used by leading companies world-wide.

Clevry’s talent assessment platform allows recruiters, managers and HR professionals to create assessment and selection campaigns for hiring and development purposes. Choose from 46 personality scales that reflect your corporate culture, or choose from a range of our off-the-shelf questionnaires focusing on scales related to success in that specific industry or role.

Talent assessment suite​

Everything you need for better hiring on one platform. Personality questionnaires, ability tests, situational judgement tests and more. Best-in-class candidate and user experience.

Flexible talent assessments through our intuitive platform

Manage your entire assessment journey in one place; easily create your own assessment campaigns, utilise bespoke branding, traffic-light sifting, candidate comparisons, results sharing, and tailored interview questions to aid hiring and development decisions.

Powerful insights into your people at work

Glean powerful insights into your talent’s personality, ability and motivational drivers within the workplace. Gain a more well-rounded view of your future talent and their ability to perform in the role.

One single questionnaire yields a range of useful psychometric reports including personality profiles, tailored interview questions, onboarding advice and team and leadership strengths so your new recruits can hit the ground running.

Predictive hiring backed by over 30 years of research

Our talent assessments have been developed and refined through many years of extensive research and are fully accredited by the BPS, and are fully GDPR and ISO compliant.