Comparing groups of candidates

What is a comparison report?

Our Group Comparison Reports allow you to compare up to 6 candidates’ preferences, strengths and styles as outlined by the model powering each report, and also presents an overview of the group’s average scores. With potential for use in both recruitment and development scenarios, the Group Reports will help you use your Clevry assessment results across the employee lifecycle.

Comparing groups fo candidates

What group reports are available?


Sales comparison report

What does this report show?

This report indicates the personal styles, values and motivational drivers of a group’s sales potential. It uncovers aspects that the group describe as strengths in the four sales quadrants: Grit, Empathy, Appetite and Focus; all factors that are contributors to success in a sales role.

What is this report used for?

This report can be used to raise self-awareness within the group about likely strengths in sales situations,and areas in which a group could devote some time for self-development. It can also be a useful tool to help identify sales strengths during recruitment.

When can I use these reports?

The group sales report can be useful for line managers to understand the strengths of a team. It can also be used for recruitment purposes when hiring individuals for certain strengths or into a sales-focused role.

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Team strengths comparison report

What does this report show?

The Team Strengths Comparison Report shows the combination of styles and areas of strength within a team, considering 4 key areas of work: Ideas, Thoughts, Actions and Influence. It includes a visual summary of the team strengths and also includes the average group scores across the different roles in a team.

What is this report used for?

The Group Team Strengths Report can be used to understand the key strengths of the team as well as for development purposes.

When can I use these reports?

Group Team Strengths reports are a great tool to use on team development days to help explore areas of strengths in a team and for team members to understand how they can work together. You can also use it to see potential gaps in the team and how you can work together to fill these.

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 10.37.15

Leadership comparison report

What does this report show?

This report shows the group’s style and potential as a leadership team, in response to 4 aspects of leadership: Leading People, Leading Tasks, Leading the Way and Leading Yourself. It includes a visual summary of leadership strengths of the team and the group’s average scores in each of the 4 aspects of leadership.

What is this report used for?

This report can be used as a springboard for discussions and development of leadership teams.

When can I use these reports?

The group Leadership Report can be used by line managers to understand the potential of a leadership team and for team members to identify areas of development. You can also consider using the Group Leadership report in a recruitment context as a tool to compare candidates’ leadership strengths and style.

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View the output from Clevry assessments by downloading sample reports below.


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