6 Reasons to use Virtual Assessment Centres

Virtual Assessment Centres (VACs) are an online adaptation of traditional assessment centres, which are used by organisations to evaluate the skills and competencies of candidates for employment or internal promotions. While traditional assessment centres typically involve a series of in-person exercises, simulations, and activities to gauge participants’ abilities, VACs conduct these assessments remotely using digital platforms. ¬†

6 Reasons to use Virtual Assessment Centres

Here are the key elements of Virtual Assessment Centres: 

1) Remote Operation

Clevry utilize our online tools and technologies to administer various exercises such as role-playing, group discussions, case study exercises, and psychometric tests. These are designed to simulate job-related scenarios that help in assessing a candidate’s practical skills, decision-making capabilities, communication, leadership potential, and other job-relevant traits. 

2) Technology-driven

Our Virtual Assessment Centre software relies heavily on the latest technology, including video conferencing software, and online psychometric testing, to monitor and evaluate candidates’ performances. Our technology is also used to ensure that assessments are conducted fairly and consistently.¬†

3) Interactive Components

Despite virtual assessments being conducted remotely, we strive to maintain the interactive and dynamic nature of traditional assessment centres. Candidates can engage in virtual group activities where their interaction with others and their problem-solving abilities are observed. 

4) Flexibility & Accessibility

Virtual assessment centres offer greater flexibility and accessibility for both the client and participants. Candidates can participate from anywhere in the world, which is especially useful for international organisations and for reaching a wider talent pool. 

5) Cost-effectiveness

By going virtual, organisations can save on many of the costs associated with physical assessment centres, such as venue hire, logistical expenses, and travel costs for both assessors and candidates. 

6) Data collection & analysis

Make use of rich candidate data to guide your hiring decisions based on objective, relevant and detailed performance and psychometric data. 

Overall, Virtual Assessment Centres are an effective modern tool that organisations use to find suitable candidates for various roles while overcoming geographical and logistical constraints. We offer a sophisticated means of evaluating a candidate’s fit for a role while leveraging the advantages of digital technology.¬†

You can read more about our award-winning virtual assessment centre platform that brings your assessment centres into the 21st century here.


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